The Book of Job – Study Guide

The book of Job is commonly used to promote the teaching that “just as good things happen to bad people, so do bad things happen to good people”.

In truth, this book is chock full of clear and powerful insight into how things work in both heaven and earth. In sharp contrast to the popular portrayal of a righteous and faithful servant of the Most High who suffers silently and helplessly at the whim of an invisible and incomprehensible god, Job is the impressive story of the journey of a man who comes to know the living God personally (See Job 42:5).

Use the notes, below, to rapidly walk through the 42 chapters of the book of Job to see for yourself what this story is really about.

Verse Note
Job 1:1 Job was a moral man, the kind you would want for a neighbor
Job 1:3 He was wealthy
Job 1:4 His children were party animals
Job 1:5 Thus did Job CONTINUALLY
Romans 4:21 Contrast Job with Abraham, the father of all who believe
Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God
Mark 11:24 Believe that you have received
Job 1:6 Satan and God are in the same place at the same time
Job 1:7 Where had Satan been spending his time (Clue: it wasn’t Dantés Inferno)
Job 1:10 Satan said, “God, you’re protecting him and his wealth comes from you.”
Job 1:11 Satan said, “YOU be the one to hurt him!”
Job 1:12a God replied, “Satan, look! All that he has is in your hands already. There is no hedge around him.”
Job 1:12b Satan WENT out from God’s presence
Job 1:13 The boys: all party, no prayer
Job 1:15 Robbers stole oxen, donkeys and murdered those who tended them
Job 1:16 Fire from God (see Luke 10:18) killed the sheep and shepherds
Job 1:17 Chaldeans stole camels and murdered those who tended them
Job 1:19 A great wind collapsed the house and killed the sons
Job 1:21 The famous quote, “The LORD giveth…”
Job 1:22 In all this Job didn’t sin by blaming God for his afflictions. It was due to his lack of faith, not the abundance of his sin, that placed Job in Satan’s hands.
Job 2:1 Here we go again
Job 2:5 Satan said, “God, YOU hit him and he’ll curse you.”
Job 2:6 God said, “Satan, he’s still in your hands,
but you will not kill him.”
Job 2:7 Satan struck Job with oppression. God didn’t.
Job 2:9 The wife said, “This isn’t worth it. You’ve done nothing against God and yet these tragedies have come upon us. Get it over with, curse God and die.” With wives like that, who needs enemies?
Job 2:10 As in 1:21 Job expressed his limited knowledge of God
Job 2:11 The three friends
Job 3:25 Job declared, “What I feared most has happened to me.” (FEAR was the door!)
Job 3 thru 31 (Regarding what is written between 3:1 and 32:1 God said, “You three have not spoken what is right.” Ignore their religious babble, but pay heed to Elihu’s word from 32:2 – 37:24. Regarding any and all of Job’s words prior to 42:1 God said in Job 38:2, “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”)
Job 32:2a Enter Elihu
Job 32:2b Job sought to justify himself instead of God
Job 32:3 The three friends had no answer but condemned Job anyway. (Can anyone relate to that?)
Job 33:9-10 Elihu said, “Job, you claim to be sinless, and you claim God is punishing you.” (Get it, yet?)
Job 33:12 Job, you are wrong
Job 33:13 You claim God doesn’t answer
Job 33:14-17 But God DOES answer men
Job 34:10 Far be from God to do wickedness
Job 36:11 If you obey God you will spend your days in prosperity
Job 36:24 Magnify what God does, not what the Devil is doing
Job 37:23 God does not OPPRESS men
Acts 10:38 Jesus healed those who were OPPRESSED by the Devil
Job 38:2 Devising doctrine in words without knowledge (1:21 and 2:10)
Job 40:2 God said, “You know nothing of Me.”
Job 40:4 Job said, “Poor, poor, pitiful me.”
Job 40:7 God said, “Knock it off!” (Pull your pants up)
Job 42:2-3 Job said, “You’re right. I spoke without knowledge.” (People, please tell me you get this!)
Job 42:4 “I am sorry, God. From now on I’ll ask You first and You instruct me.”
Job 42:5 Job said to God, “Up ’til now I’ve only heard things about you, but now I see you as you are.” (YES, YES, YES!)
John 3:3 Jesus told Nicodemus, “If a person is not born again, it is impossible for that one to see the Kingdom of God.”
Job 42:6 I see my error
Job 42:7 God told the three friends, “You three have NOT spoken what is right.” (So stop quoting what they said!)
Job 42:10 Job’s losses were restored doubly – in THIS life, not the hereafter
Job 42:16 Job then saw four generations of sons, contrasted with his FEAR displayed in 1:5