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COVID-19: the Crown


This is a working document, started in March of 2020, as the world was falling under the spell of the Corona Crisis.

Introducing disruptive, life-altering changes (marketed as temporary “Emergency Measures”) during a crisis, engineered or not, only to normalize those measures and make them permanent fixtures of the government infrastructure after the crisis has passed, is an old technique used to assert extreme control over a population. And it works extremely well. It is how the bulldog wins the fight against the wolf - nibble by nibble - never letting go, never rescinding.

They have declared their goals to not simply disrupt, but to upend (if not utterly destroy) your lives prior to 2030, and it appears that they are on schedule. COVID 2.0, by whatever formal name they will be calling it, is being readied for roll out with new mandates and restrictions. They have been telling us for many months what they are doing in the way of their own “readiness” and “preparedness” for this next event which, according to Bill Gates, "will get attention this time". You need to turn off the propaganda technology, the brainwashing and indoctrination screens. Receive the love of the TRUTH in order to stop believing the lie(s).

Under operation COVID 1.0, when industry spokespersons repeatedly insisted on the airborne nature of the alleged invisible enemy, most people missed (or ignored) the critical fact that no one ever tested the air filters, not on departing or arriving aircraft, not in office buildings or schools, nor anywhere else! But you believed them, that there was an airborne virus. You were unaware that they set up more than 1600 testing sites at wastewater (sewage) treatment facilities across the USA alone in order to look at your pee and poop for evidence of the poisoning from the very beginning of the rollout... all for an airborne virus?

There are no COVID mutations. There are no SARS-CoV-2 viral variants. There are no viruses (except for what is dreamed up in laboratories and declared to exist)! But there are poisons, and there is a concerted effort to poison you through the air, the water, and the food. The “scientists” you have been told to trust in are using venom-derived toxins, both organic and synthetic, from snakes, lizards, marine snails, sponges and starfishes, spiders, wasps and more in the development of their pharmaceutical products bioweapons. These venoms are now found in the most popular of medications.

Researchers have learned to weaponize plasmids under the guise/misdirection of so-called mRNA technology, loading them with various venomous payloads. E-coli bacteria and yeasts in the gut are targeted to intake these plasmids when exposed to specific microwave frequencies (eg, 5G), and begin to reproduce these venom peptides (marketed to an unsuspecting public as "Spike" proteins) en masse like a manufacturing facility within your body, and the resultant poisoning can make you deathly ill, or worse. Once sickened, you and your loved ones can be dosed with organ-killing drugs and placed on a ventilator, and be injected with nano technology creating a real life nightmarish scenario that makes a science fiction horror story seem tame. Those who have become accustomed to running to the doctor for whatever ails them have been and are being set up for murder.

But you needn't wait for a trip to the ER to start participating in the nightmare. This payload delivery process, developed over several decades, their “new vaccine platform” that all medications are being converted to use, is now being made available to you through a variety of sources. In addition to the genetically modified mosquitoes, you can now uptake their poisons through the water and food supply chains. As of this writing, the children have all just returned to school, housed in facilities that have been upgraded with the latest EMF technologies... As they are sickened, just what will we be told is the cause?

Regarding COVID I was told, "Sickness does not work this way. There is no respiratory virus. There are no aerosolized pathogens. It must be ingested." I was further instructed, "Pray over everything you eat: 'In the name of Jesus be restored to your original form, according to that whereby you were created!'"

As the year 2020 opened, mankind was informed of a new (novel) pathogen (coronavirus) and a pandemic was declared. We were told that this virus had mutated from animals and was consumed in a meal by an unsuspecting patron of an outdoor market. As we learned, later, this market just happened to be located across town from the local level-4 bioweapons facility, and alternative theories on the origins of the virus abounded. The mutated virus was assumed to have spread from the food market patron to everyone he came into contact with, and subsequently spread throughout the Earth, producing mountains of dead bodies. Everyone was told that this deadly virus wreaked its havoc by producing a very particular spike protein (a venom peptide, as we have since learned), and the only way to guard against getting this deadly protein in your body was to wear a paper or cloth mask, stay either 6 feet or 2 meters away from other people, depending on where you live, and voluntarily or involuntarily be quarantined if authorities determined you were suspected of having come into contact with the deadly protein.

There is no coronavirus, as viruses are not simply theoretical, they are entirely fictitious. Viruses are not a truthful explanation for how sickness works. To read more about this, see my article titled, Sickness, Disease and Health.

Rather than acknowledge their true enemy, mankind preferred to believe in the (non-existent) invisible enemy they call the corona (Latin for crown) virus. A crown (Latin: corona) is the symbol of authority. The peoples of the whole Earth were conquered in 2020 under so-called “emergency powers”, and welcomed the new era of endless disease-by-decree. To read more about this, see my article titled, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

With a nod to Operation Warpspeed, there is now a series of so-called coronavirus vaccines, actually developed over many, many years prior, in cooperation with DARPA, the US Patent Office, universities, National health institutions, pharmaceutical companies, various private corporations and so-called bioweapons laboratories throughout the Earth. There is nothing of any benefit in these so-called vaccines, at least not to the recipients. Instead, as has been publicly demonstrated, they contain toxic (and often lethal) payloads.

Katalin Korikó, along with Drew Wisemen, is credited with the development of mRNA technology dating back to 1978. Their collective research, funded by the NIH and NIAID, has incorporated the use of snake venom (phosphodiesterase) along with RNase (snake venom compounds) to cleave RNA in order to manipulate genetics. This is accomplished through a technology called Plasmid DNA.

Abandoning yesterday's settled science, whereby vaccines were said to consist of a little bit of disease (attenuated virus) along with a whole lot of poison (adjuvants), today's coronavirus vaccines are alleged to incorporate brand new settled science: mRNA technology. In their own words, this “experimental gene therapy” is designed to install a venom (spike) protein production capability within your body, producing the same deadly protein that you were supposed to avoid getting at all costs by masking, social distancing and quarantining. Only in this way could you hope to reduce the severity of the symptoms produced by being exposed to the deadly protein. And people lined up to get injected.

Again, as of this writing, independent scientists and researchers have yet to find any traces of mRNA technology in any of the vaccines, but the story marches on. This technology is not actually experimental, but rather well-understood and deliberately rolled out. But I am way ahead of the story...

They told us that so-called gain-of-function research was conducted in order to amplify the lethality of an already lethal toxin. There is now substantial evidence that the contents of this injection contain nanotechnology, of the type used in cancer treatment for many years, now. Chemical payloads are distributed throughout the body and deployed utilizing frequencies.

By instilling fear and utilizing intimidation, deception and coercion, various interests in cooperation with the governments of the nations were successful in injecting a large segment of mankind with this series of coronavirus vaccines (some estimate more than 5 in 8 persons).

NOTE: This vaccination program was a purpose of the so-called pandemic, not a result.

Whether you believe this human transformation, or trans-human technology, is currently viable or not doesn't really matter. They clearly do!

Here is some insight on what is really going on:

The opening of the year 2020 witnessed unprecedented cooperation between the governments of the Earth, collaborating in common cause, that of propagandizing the belief in an existential threat suddenly more pressing than so-called Anthropomorphic Climate Change (the belief that mankind has created a runaway environmental condition as the direct result of YOUR very specific behavior that will lead to imminent disaster unless unbelievably drastic measures are taken to curb YOUR very specific behavior). It was announced that a so-called deadly pandemic had just been thrust upon the world stage. The media outlets advanced the script, replete with statistics, charts, graphs and interviews with prominent industry experts. Every man, woman and child was being told they were now at risk. This latest pandemic was said to be caused by a brand new (novel) pathogen named Severe Acute Respiratory Sickness CoronaVirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2. Apparently, this virus could only be detected using a special research tool and manufacturing process that cannot detect viruses, let alone distinguish one virus from another, called the Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR. This is the same tool that was brilliantly utilized in the 1980s to justify the fallacious claim that HIV caused AIDS.

This new virus, now named SARS-CoV-2, was said to be causing a brand new disease named COVID-19. A medical diagnoses, determined either by the use of a research tool called the PCR or simple presumption (guessing, guilty by association), had now been successfully replaced with a statistical concept called a case. Case numbers were escalating as more people participated, but there was hope: If, while awaiting the impossibly swift rollout of a so-called vaccine that would save mankind, everyone would voluntarily comply with ritualistic enslavement behavior over a period of 15 days, the curve of rising cases could be flattened. They encouraged everyone to “trust the science.”

  • A dress rehearsal was held just prior to the operation
  • Some people were poisoned
  • A worldwide pandemic was declared
  • Emergency powers were activated in every nation, overriding all law
  • The propaganda wings of governments, the so-called media outlets, parroted the script
  • Hospitals were empty, yet were reported as overflowing with the sick and dying
  • Crisis actors portrayed both patients and medical staff
  • Dolls/dummies were used as patient props
  • Colds, flus, pneumonias, and even no illness whatsoever were diagnosed as COVID-19
  • Diagnosis of illness was replaced with “case numbers”
  • PCR "false positive" results inflated the case numbers
  • Enslavement behavior (otherwise nonsensical masking, distancing, quarantining) was mandated worldwide
  • A vaccine was promised, which would return the world to “normal”
  • The largest transfer(s) of wealth in the history of the Earth, to date, occurred
  • The never-ending vaccination/booster program, the goal of the entire operation, was rolled out
  • Definitions were changed
  • Statistics were manipulated
  • Infrastructure was established, worldwide, to support a never-before-seen level of control
  • We were told to get used to the "new" normal, as there would be no return to the old
  • Most of mankind believed the propaganda, to one degree or another

2020 was the year in which everything changed throughout the Earth. For more on this topic, see my article titled, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".

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How it all started

Seeds planted decades earlier culminated in the Climate Accords held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Most of the nations of the Earth signed on to the United Nations (UN) Agenda 21, an outline for unprecedented population coercion and control marketed as so-called sustainable development; a new world order. As enticing as their dream was to embrace, getting the cattle to comply while the new and improved corral was being built, all the while preventing the likelihood of a stampede, required a circuitous approach (remember, at the time there were very few of them and a whole lot more of us). Once the influence of the World Health Organization (WHO) was sufficient to be used as a platform for worldwide distribution, the International Health Regulations (IHR) were revised by the Bank of International Settlements to provide the necessary guidance for governments to impose travel restrictions, border closures, mask and vaccination mandates, etc, all upon the declaration by the WHO of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC - pronounced: fāke). The justification for this declaration was claimed to be based on a PCR Count of 83 "Positive Cases" outside of China. Participating nations adopted the IHR regulations well in advance of 2019 and the stage was set to maneuver control and wealth into the hands of the few. Like opening acts for a main event, several health scares were declared, laying the groundwork for public fear, trust, acceptance, familiarity and normalcy, compliance, etc.

People who regarded one another as being very knowledgeable and important had gathered to discuss their strategies for dealing with the non-predicted, unplanned appearance of a deadly coronavirus outbreak that they said we would all soon be dealing with. They would tell the world that this unpredicted, unplanned, yet fully anticipated outbreak originated from bats and was quickly spreading throughout the Earth. A dress rehearsal for the unpredicted, unplanned outbreak was called Event 201, and was held October 18, 2019 at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, MD. Attendees, who had gathered to demonstrate general governmental unpreparedness and the desperate need for a better coordinated authoritarian response, were able to propose the changes that would need to be rapidly introduced in order to handle the coming outbreak, though it remained yet unplanned. Organizers had pre-named their test pandemic CAPS, for Coronavirus Associated Pulmonary Syndrome. Nine weeks later, constituting the greatest coincidence of all time (for those who believe in such things), the unpredicted, unplanned outbreak rehearsed during Event 201 officially broke out in Wuhan, China. Thankfully, the knowledgeable and important people who had practiced dealing with such an unpredicted, unplanned outbreak knew exactly what to do in such a completely unexpected, yet fully anticipated situation.

In December of 2019 the Chinese Center for Disease Control reported 44 cases of pneumonia, not at all unusual in a country that reports 1 million pneumonia cases each year. But we were told this time was different. In a process that looked remarkably similar to the scripts from recent movies and television shows, allegedly using tissue samples from just a few individuals and a trusty computer, a Chinese scientist had already sequenced the genome of the virus responsible for causing this new sickness and made it available for the rest of the world. This computer data was distributed and readily accepted world wide with no questions asked. Images of a handful of people, some allegedly having suddenly collapsed, others being dragged down narrow corridors by workers in biohazard outfits, were provided to the media for continuous re-broadcast. Any real confirmation of thousands of people actually collapsing and dying wouldn't be available until after people began receiving their so-called vaccine, but that is getting way ahead of the story. The Chinese were calling the allegedly lethal coronavirus 2019-nCoV in their announcement of January 7, 2020. On January 21, 2020, a headline in the Washington Post read, "First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state". The article's subtitle read, "How the new coronavirus compares to Ebola, Zika, and SARS". During the annual World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering at Davos in Switzerland on January 24-25, 2020, the impossibly swift development of a 2019-nCoV vaccine that appeared to have been waiting in the wings for just such an occasion was announced to the elites in attendance. The WHO declared the PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) emergency on January 30, 2020, based on a worldwide total of 83 "Cases" of PCR "positive test results" outside of China. The US Department of Defense declared the coming viral operation a "National Security Threat" on February 4, 2020. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) formally named the 2019-nCoV / nCoV-2019 virus SARS-CoV-2 as of February 11, 2020. That same day the WHO, concerned that Asian populations might overreact upon hearing the name SARS again released their racially-sensitive name for this emergency, COVID-19.

And the word pandemic was permanently re-defined, worldwide.

And a worldwide pandemic was announced.

And a worldwide precedent was established.

You may recall that from November 2002 through July 2003 approximately 350 people in China, and an additional 300 people in Hong Kong, were said to have died as a result of a previous novel coronavirus named SARS-CoV, said to have originated in Guangdong Province.

As this new operation first rolled out, the WHO stated on their website that, while they were calling this new virus COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 was still the "official" name. In a short period of time the wording was adjusted and COVID-19 was applied to a brand new disease that was said be caused by this most recent coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

For those who paid attention, there were many such “quick adjustments” made during this time.

On February 18, 2020, an article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, titled "COVID-19: Uncharted Waters" in which the author, Dr. Anthony Fauci, stated that the novel coronavirus had a Case Fatality rate that was "more akin to that of a seasonal flu, of 0.1%." This would prove to be true, as the statistics titled "Excess Mortality Rates" would confirm. Morbidity numbers didn't increase until after the COVID-19 vaccinations began.

On March 11, 2020 using entirely new definitions of words, the WHO declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic.

NOTE: To the day, 102 years earlier, on March 11, 1918 the US reported its first cases of the so-called Spanish flu pandemic.

On Friday the 13th (March 13, 2020), then President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency for the USA. One-by-one, all the peoples of all the nations of the Earth came to believe in and fear COVID-19.

On Friday May 15th, 2020, Endangered Species Day and International Day of Families, then President Donald Trump announced Operation Warpspeed. The world was informed that a COVID-19 vaccine would be fast-tracked - developed, produced and distributed at an unprecedented pace!

The year 2020, seemingly ushered in by the ubiquitous belief in contagious airborne sickness caused by viruses (the product of decades of false teaching and denial of the TRUTH) witnessed the peoples of the Earth obediently submit to worldwide Disease by Decree. Throughout the year, a person now would have the disease the ruling class declared they had, and the only disease of any significance to the ruling class in the years 2020-2021 would be COVID-19. It no longer mattered what people might actually be suffering with, whether they exhibited symptoms or not or whether they were even sick or not. In fact, otherwise seemingly healthy people had to be tested using a research tool that is not a health test in order to discover that they weren't healthy at all.

In a brilliant maneuver, the previously well-known condition of actually being sick was summarily replaced and forgotten by using new terminology, something called case counts. A case of COVID-19 was determined much like a kingdom's appointment of its king: the outcome was whatever those in power deemed it to be! All of the causes of all of the sicknesses of all of the years gone by were suddenly all ignored. Only COVID-19 mattered anymore, and its cause was declared (with no proof, whatsoever) to be the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In near dystopian fashion, hospitals were empty, devoid of both patients and staff, while the public was told the facilities were being overrun during what was alleged to be the largest disaster seen in over a hundred years. Though the total number of deaths throughout the Earth in 2020 was actually lower than the previous year, pre-pandemic 2019, as the COVID-19 case numbers rose, fear rose in tandem. Incessant SARS/CoronaVirus/COVID-19 broadcasts constantly reminded mankind of the terrifying prospect of dropping dead at any moment. People eagerly lapped up the news, cowered in fear and voluntarily adopted the most outrageous, nonsensical and harmful behavior ever seen that included such absurdities as the enforcement of face masking, physical distancing from one another (there's nothing social about distancing!), the house arrest (quarantining) of otherwise healthy individuals, worldwide lockdowns, business closures, and clamoring for salvation by chemical injection.

The swift cooperation of world governments and medical institutions in those opening months of 2020 was unprecedented, and would require one to conclude that, contrary to the premise of Event 201, everyone was more than ready to immediately respond to the next spontaneous worldwide pandemic, as the whole thing was planned well in advance. Of course, we now know (after the fact) the worldwide adoption of the IHR (International Health Regulations) required such a response but, with COVID-mania well underway, who was even questioning the story?

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Lies Gone Viral

I am a servant of our LORD Jesus Christ and today I walk in the knowledge of the TRUTH. I have an entirely different understanding of the events occurring throughout the Earth from what is being broadcast throughout the Earth.

All those who believed not the TRUTH, but chose evil, will be judged.

~ 2Thessalonians 2:12

Lord Jehovah despises false lips but He delights in those who practice faith.

~ Proverbs 12:22

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe.

~ Proverbs 29:25

A merry heart improves the body, but a depressed spirit dries the bones.

~ Proverbs 17:22

Poisons / toxins are very real and cause great harm, even death. Likewise, malnutrition / starvation cause great harm, even death. Many people suffer illness, and many die. The willingness to believe that pathogenic viruses are the cause of such suffering is addressed in this rather lengthy article.

COVID-19 is not an infectious respiratory disease caused by an airborne SARS-variant coronavirus. No such thing as a SARS-variant coronavirus has ever been proven to exist. Likewise, there is no Delta variant, no Omicron variant, or any other yet-to-be-named variant. So-called viruses do not exist, not as we had all been led to believe, not as sub-microscopic germs that jump from person to person causing disease, and definitely not as teeny tiny, infectious, non-living organisms that reside dormant in animals until they get the opportunity to revive themselves, mutate themselves in order to sicken people as well as animals, hitch a ride on spit, snot and sweat to make initial contact, embed themselves into your cells, proceed to sicken or kill as many as they can until they think they are about to get "caught", then either mutate into a new and more powerful strain or go hide again in animals. What a nightmare fairytale!

COVID-19, as a word or term, is a placeholder for a fearful and powerful operation that is being used to steer all of mankind in a particular, unified direction that involves the destruction of the old and the replacement with the new:

  • The destruction of health - achieved through the contrived mandates of fraudulent testing, mask-wearing, social distancing, house arrest/quarantining, injections with toxic substances, and other harmful protocols
  • The destruction of private property - achieved through engineered weather manipulation coupled with manufactured un-affordability
  • The destruction of privacy - achieved through the installation of next generation surveillance technology infrastructure
  • The destruction of food sovereignty - achieved by first damaging/destroying the sense of taste and smell, followed by engineered food shortages, followed up with timely offerings of laboratory-grown "replacement foods"

This engineered destruction and replacement would be the dream of any dystopian novel author. But this is not a dream. The population of the Earth has been informed that salvation is only available through subjugation to the new directorates and only totalitarian implementation and oversight will see it through.

Do you believe them?

There is no such thing as a virus, as viruses have been presented. Therefore, there can be no such thing as an anti-virus. And there can be no such thing as a vaccine against said non-existent virus.

There is no such thing as a contagious virus. Therefore, there can be no such thing as a contagious vaccine. And yet, "Contagious vaccines are in our future," the champions of virology claim, "and are no different than putting fluoride in drinking water." This is a most clever admission: Flouride is indeed a toxic poison, and it is distributed via water. So-called vaccination campaigns distribute toxic poison(s) suspended in liquid (water) via injections.

What appears to be contagious is the willingness to believe all the lies and participate in the poisoning. For those who insist on believing in such things, one might say it is the lies that have gone viral.

We find ourselves in a time where colds, flus, and pneumonias are so common that we have come to believe mankind has always been this sick. Thus it comes as no surprise that people got sick with colds, flus, and pneumonias throughout 2020 and 2021 just like in the years prior to 2020. But a worldwide agenda had determined to cease diagnosing common illnesses and, instead, test anyone willing to be tested, along with anyone who submitted to healthcare practitioners for any reason whatsoever, using a research tool that they know isn't even an infectious disease test according to their own beliefs in infectious disease! The PCR was repurposed for a task that it not only was never intended to perform, but could not possibly ever be used honestly for. Suddenly, anyone who "tested positive" for COVID-19 qualified as a "Case Count", whether they were sick or not. By adjusting the amplification cycles of the PCR used in any given location, masks could be said to be effective as "case counts" dropped in one area, and lockdowns could be justified as "case counts" rose in another.

More case counts were published, more fear was instilled, more people were tested, the case counts surged and the cycle repeated itself. With more participation came more transfer of power and wealth.

During this time, some people experienced severe sickness (not the "Case Counts COVID" type of sickness) that, in addition to the more common complaints of headache, fever, and cough, included symptoms such as hair loss, vomiting and/or diarrhea, rash, gasping for breath, extreme weakness and fatigue over a period of many days and/or weeks. COVID-19, as a named disease (or, collection of symptoms) is perfectly suitable to describe such an unusual illness, though it is not a virus that caused it. Among those sickened in this manner, those accustomed to turning to healthcare for relief were admitted to hospitals and subjected to a strange, new, mandated treatment protocol that included a ventilator and an unapproved medication that was known to cause acute kidney failure, liver failure, and produce cardio-toxic effects. Many people died while undergoing this treatment, and the facilities that administered it were financially rewarded. Sadly, many people were subjected to this protocol, people who did not present with these symptoms, but had submitted themselves (or had been submitted by others) to a hospital for other reasons.

Since a virus is not causing these symptoms, what other source(s) of illness might be responsible? Isn't that the question you should have been asking all along? What, besides the usual suspects, is actually making people sick?

  1. Understand that such an illness is not the result of some accidental, random viral outbreak. That story has been entirely fabricated, though an entire industry exists and is well funded as a result of people believing such falsehood.
  2. Consider the likelihood of people being intentionally sickened. Releasing a tiger upon a group of people, or a pack of vicious dogs, or a hive of angry bees, in addition to being an evil act, is an example of using a bio-weapon against people. We have been conditioned to believe that, in addition to naturally-occurring, mutating, deadly viruses that hide in animals, special scientists having secret knowledge working day and night in secret laboratories are concocting nano-scopic viral bio-weapons that, upon release, propagate throughout the Earth and kill everyone. So-called gain-of-function research is an even more secret effort whereby lab-created viruses are allegedly further developed into something even more lethal. It certainly makes for riveting science fiction novels and movies. And it provides a brilliant excuse for subjugating more people.
  3. Chemical weapons (poisons) most certainly exist, as do electrical weapons, and they have been and are being used quite successfully against mankind. And there are plenty of "scientists" working in top-secret labs making such poisons even more poisonous.
  4. Nano-technology allows for the delivery of entire weapons systems inside our bodies, complete with payloads and timed release mechanisms.

Poison is poison, and when our bodies are overwhelmed with poison to the point we cannot recover, we typically die. How, exactly, people are being poisoned during this operation is not yet perfectly clear (for some reason, those doing the poisoning are not as forthcoming as we could hope for them to be). Let us continue to search for those details, though we may never know their precise method(s).

It is impressive to me that people are so willing to believe in a non-existent virus that is an alleged cold-hearted killing machine that, according to the ruling class cannot be stopped - not with masks, not with physical distancing, not with house arrests/quarantines, and not even with their own vaccinations and boosters...

...and yet they refuse to believe in a very existent group of real people, governments, and a consortium of governments that operate as a cold-hearted killing machine that, quite apparently, cannot be stopped!

If I can assist you in getting past the ubiquitous false teachings regarding sickness and disease (which is the purpose of this lengthy article), I am aware of two very serious questions that you must seek the answers to:

  • Who is authorizing these worldwide changes?
  • Knowing all this, what am I supposed to do, now?

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The Towers

It was only a few years ago when a city's lone cellular tower was deliberately disguised as a large conifer, palm tree or church steeple in the hopes of averting public outcry. These days, towers clad in microwave antennas are proudly displayed at every school, business park, neighborhood, and hilltop. They are everywhere and no one is hiding anything. Except, perhaps, the damage these towers are capable of inflicting.

cell towers on a hill

During the COVID-19 "lockdowns" efforts were made worldwide to expand this technology. Antennas and repeaters were added to existing towers, new towers were erected, and routers were upgraded everywhere.

Has anyone paused to ask, "Much like the virus teaching, if satellite technology actually existed, why do we need more towers EVERYWHERE?"

As Smartphone users across the Earth clamor for faster and more reliable connectivity, few people are interested in pausing long enough to understand the downsides of these now ubiquitous towers and the electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) they emit.

Consider the consequences of being irradiated with EMFs in the microwave spectrum, also referred to as beam-forming technology...

Video: Human Cell Towers

From Maria Zeee interviews Dr. Robert Young

Microwave radiation has been in use since the 1930s. Militaries have been using this technology as weaponry since the 1950s. President John F. Kennedy exposed the usage of microwave technology against American citizens and announced his intentions to take this matter before the courts just 10 days before he was assassinated. We welcomed microwave ovens into our lives and homes, and "normalized" the word, all in the name of convenience.

Microwave radiation can now be used to produce the symptoms associated with any disease!

ARS - Acute Radiation Syndrome

EMFs were present all along in the various cellular phones I had used over the years. In the fine print of the documentation I had never bothered to read, the cell phone manufacturers warned me never to place their devices directly against my body, due to the harm that may result. Even after becoming aware of the warning, but over-powered by the convenience of use, I carried their devices in my pockets and held them against my head while talking.

EMFs permitted me to conveniently stream video wirelessly to massive LED screens, and enjoy hours of viewing pleasure in an environment saturated with unnatural electrical frequencies. The devices in use also contained warnings which I often ignored in order to enjoy the convenience.

Radio frequencies absorbed by the human body, including microwaves, are measurable using governmental Specific Absorption Rate standards, or SARs. Holding a cellular phone approximately 1 inch (25 mm) away from one's ear exposes the brain to a SARs level of approximately 1.57 watts per kilogram, just under the US regulatory limit of 1.6 and well under the European limit of 2.0. Whew! Good to know, right? A given Wi-fi router may have come with an FCC warning to "...keep a minimum distance of 0.98 feet (30 cm) from the radiating element..." In other words, stay at least 1 foot away from your wireless router! Most people I know hold their phones to their heads while talking. Some stuff even more wireless technology directly into their ears. Men carry their phones in their pants pockets and women tuck their phones into their bras or purses, and we all work, eat and sleep dwell in buildings having multiple wireless routers. And then we blame the non-existent viruses for making us sick. Impressive!

What long term studies on the deleterious effects of radio frequencies (RFs), electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), including sub-Gigahertz, Millimeter wave and Terahertz energy on our bodies are you familiar with? Data is available, but did you assume that such studies were objectively conducted prior to releasing each new unbelievably profitable and undeniably convenient advancement in technology? With a fervor approaching bloodlust, the Earth is increasingly being blanketed with such energy, as new towers and transmitters are installed.

What began in the name of efficiency and convenience soon became necessity. Office buildings were among the first to be saturated with EMFs. Today, there are few remaining indoor spaces that can be said to be free of EMFs. Schools, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, restaurants, airplanes, trains, buses, trucks and cars, etc. are all outfitted with EMF technology.

Electromagnetic frequencies are heavily used throughout the Healthcare system in radiology and oncology departments. It is well known that prolonged exposure to these frequencies is most harmful, even fatal. Military applications include target acquisition, tracking, weaponry, and more. The so-called "Active Denial" systems in use by police departments for alleged crowd control are EMF weapons.

The so-called harnessing of electricity is a rather recent accomplishment for mankind. To believe that it only had an upside with no downside would be beyond naive, and yet that is precisely what I believed, as demonstrated by my actions. When I reconsidered my beliefs, and saw the uncanny correlation between the introduction of various so-called electrical advancements in the Earth and the advent of various devastating illnesses, the realizations were astonishing.

Following the advent and worldwide rollout of radiation transmission towers (aka "radio") during 1916-1917, a set of strange, unexplainable symptoms are said to have sickened and killed 20 to 50 million people throughout the Earth - all at a time when long-distance travel was still restricted to camels or horse and buggy over land, and sailing vessels or steamships over seas. People from multiple countries were simultaneously exposed to radiation for the very first time - as in, ever - and reported with symptoms that included headaches, nausea, fever, dizziness, weakness, dry cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath. It wouldn't be until 1931 that a "cause" of this so-called pandemic would be generally accepted. It was at that time that Ernest William Goodpasture, MD, a 1912 graduate of John Hopkins School of Medicine and Rockefeller Fellow in Pathology, coined the term "Influenza Virus" and attributed the 1918-1920 pandemic to it. It was at that point that people began to believe in something called the Spanish Flu.

If influenza is primarily an electrical disease, a response to an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere, then it is not contagious in the ordinary sense. The patterns of its epidemics should prove this, and they do.

~ From the book, The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
emf disease

Someone other that you has complete control over the radiation output, the ability to modulate both the frequency and amplitude of the radiation, and the ability to aim these line-of-sight emitters. It takes little imagination, and you don't need to be a Sci-Fi aficianado to begin recognizing the grid being built around us. A walkie-talkie can transmit and receive signals over great distances, all powered by a small 9 volt battery. A single watt of power in a cellphone can transmit a signal 25 miles. 1000 watts applied in a microwave oven will not merely cook a meal, but utterly destroy it if it is subjected to the radiation long enough. And we are to believe that individual cell towers require millions of watts to operate and let us all talk to one another? Read through a few of the dozens upon dozens of U.S. Patents describing the weaponizing of frequencies and you may start to get an even clearer picture of what we are dealing with, unique to our time upon the Earth.

Spectrum dominance of the 5G network from sub 3 GHz to 300 GHz poses a real risk of bodily harm from higher photon energy value frequencies that are coherent radiation emissions, the impact of which is currently unknown since they are untested and not proven to be safe, as well as uninsurable, with levels of radiation emissions in excess of anything imagined by earlier technologists.

5G is a compartmentalised weapons deployment masquerading as a benign technological advance for enhanced communications and faster downloads.

~ Mark Steele, UK

Radiation is toxic to biological life, whether ionizing or so-called non-ionizing. The greater the exposure, the greater the toxicity. It is disingenuous for radiation technology manufacturers to claim that non-ionizing radiation presents little or no danger. Lasers make fascinating use of non-ionizing radiation. To those who remain unconvinced, I might suggest a simple experiment that involves lashing oneself to a Mediterranean beach in the direct path of the non-ionizing rays of the Sun... and let's talk again in a few days. If naturally occurring radiation were an electric drill, manmade (or man-generated) pulse modulated radiation would be a hammer drill. Add the ability to form or focus that pulsing frequency into a beam, and you have much more than an evening of wireless entertainment - you have a weapons system.

For any who are interested, the symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome/Sickness are identical to those said to be caused by the SARS 2 coronavirus.

Dead bees

It isn't a virus that killed the bees, nor is their worldwide decline due to a so-called bacterial infection.

It isn't a virus killing the birds.

It isn't a virus killing the cattle.

CNN Havana Syndrome

It isn't a virus that caused Havana Syndrome.

Nor is it a virus sickening and killing people throughout the Earth.

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The Snake

US President Donald J. "MAGA, Operation Warpspeed, My blood is the vaccine" Trump publicly read "The Snake Poem" six times while in office. The closing line of the poem reads, "...You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!"

cobra protein

Consider the consequences of being envenomated with the venom of a serpent.

Cobra Venom

CoV... Corona Virus? Cobra Venom? Cobra venom contains 19 venom specific (toxic) enzymes. Neurotoxic snake venom, such as is found in the King cobra and the many-banded krait, produces paralysis, convulsions or rapid muscle twitching, and difficulty breathing. Hemotoxic snake venom, such as is found in the Diamondback Rattlesnake, produces swelling, internal bleeding, hemorrhaging, and necrosis. Cytotoxic snake venom is found in the Chinese cobra and also produces a peptide toxin called a cardiotoxin. Symptoms can include drowsiness, weakness, excessive salivation, decreased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, facial muscle paralysis, blurred vision, headache and convulsions. Mild exposure can mimic a weird sort of pneumonia / mononucleosis... hmm...

Cobra venom has a blood thinning effect, while krait venom has a blood clotting effect. If one were to be used as a poison/clotting agent, the other could be used as a treatment/blood thinning agent. Sound crazy? It may come as a surprise to you to discover that the pharmaceutical industry has employed the use of venom for decades in their various attempts to manipulate the human body. For example, Merck offers the popular Lisinopril, an ACE Inhibitor (high blood pressure drug) derived from snake venom. Venom is big business and has been for quite some time.

What does venom have to do with COVID-19? Is there some nefarious plot to envenomate all of mankind?


In January of 2020, the Journal of Medical Virology published a paper stating, "The squared Euclidean distance indicates that the 2019-nCoV and snakes from China have the highest similarity in synonymous codon usage bias compared to those of bat, bird, marmot, human, manis and hedgehog. Two types of snakes were used for RSCU analysis, many-banded krait and Chinese cobra." The animals were compared with 2019-nCoV for similarity (lower numbers are closer in similarity):

  • 2019-nCoV and many-banded krait: 13.54
  • 2019-nCoV and Chinese cobra: 16.69
  • 2019-nCoV and the closest bat: 23.46

And their conclusion was, "In summary, results derived from our evolutionary (origin) analysis suggest that 2019-nCoV has most similar genetic information with bat coronavirus and has most similar codon usage bias with snake."

The lower the squared Euclidean distance, the closer in similarity. Codon usage bias reflects the alleged origin, mutation patterns and evolution of the species or genes.

squared euclidean distance chart

In January of 2020, healthline ran with the headline, "Where did the new coronavirus come from? Potentially a bat, snake, or pangolin."

On January 24 2020, CNN Health published the headline, "Snakes could be the source of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak"

In their fact checking (attempted de-bunking) article titled, "No, snakes probably aren't the source... " and published in January of 2020, Science News included the following paragraph, "...Wei Ji, a microbiologist at Peking University Health Science Center School of Medical Sciences in Beijing, and his colleagues analyzed codons used by 2019-nCoV. Codons, which are said to be trios of DNA, mRNA, or RNA that dictate amino acids in a protein, tend to be similar between a virus and the animal it infects. Wei and his team suggest a virus from the many-banded krait or Chinese cobra may have combined with a bat virus and sparked the new outbreak...Based on similarities between the virus's codons and those of its potential animal hosts, "snake is the most probable wildlife animal reservoir for the 2019-nCoV," the researchers write."

In July of 2021, Dr. Tau Braun contacted the FBI to inform them of his evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic was the result of envenomation in combination with a virus. He received a response letter that stated, "Received, Thank you." And that was that.

If we remove the (non-existent) virus from the equation, we are left with snake venom, a toxic poison. "Gain of function" research (making a poison even more poisonous) on snake venom adds a whole new meaning to the word bioweapon, don't you think?

In April of 2022, Dr. Bryan Ardis (whose father-in-law died while undergoing treatment with Remdesivir and a ventilator) went public with his independent discovery that people are being poisoned with venom. He has stated that there isn't an aspect of COVID-19, its symptoms as a disease, the side effects of the mandated protocol of Remdesivir, the side effects and adverse reactions to the alleged mRNA vaccines, major or minor, that cannot be linked to snake venom.

It bears repeating: the pharmaceutical industry has been researching and utilizing snake venom, including synthetically derived venom, for decades, so this is nothing new. You can purchase venoms in powdered form online. We are told that certain animal venoms are particularly effective in penetrating cells. I anticipate the medical industry may (at some point) publicly acknowledge the use of snake venom to distribute their so-called "spike protein manufacturing process" and declare it to be perfectly "safe and effective."

NOTE: Regarding the discovery of an alleged "spike" protein... By adding an enzyme called Trypsin to a common protein found in the kidneys called Cathrin, the outer coating of the protein is digested leaving behind a rough surface containing so-called spikes, also referred to as a "corona."

They already insist that a given virus will "hibernate" inside animals until "some random event" permits transmission into mankind, so it is no great leap to anticipate their attempts to account for the discovery of snake venom peptides, proteins and enzymes in people sickened with what they want you to believe is an airborne virus. This could easily be how they hope to explain away the snake venom connection in all their patents, their PCR test kits, their so-called COVID vaccines, their COVID treatments, patient blood samples, etc.

There are many venoms that will produce symptoms like those said to be caused by the SARS 2 coronavirus. An Italian study from the summer of 2020 reported 36 animal venoms, including snakes, marine snails and starfish, were found in the blood, feces and urine samples taken from COVID-19 patients. "Airborne" distribution of such a poison is not only possible, but highly probable.

Miniature flexible strands have suddenly appeared on the scene, too small to see with the naked eye. They are now found in most, if not all masks and respiratory filters, in the air, in the rainwater, and in the food and water, worldwide. These are the tubular "Morgellons" fibers, the tiny worm-like, string-like, dark strands that respond to temperature by flexing. The flexing of the dark black tubular strands has been witnessed under microscopic examination, under certain conditions, to be a release mechanism. Their dark contents, their payload, can be squeezed out of the tubes as they flex. Emptied tubes then look like twisted, translucent ribbons.

What "paste" might we find in these microscopic "toothpaste tubes"? Nourishing foods? Helpful herbs? Could they have been deliberately loaded with synthetic toxic venoms and released into the environment to be inhaled, swallowed, bathed in, etc? If you understand one of the most significant goals in the Earth right now to be the injecting of every man, woman and child, you can more readily understand the purpose of such a toxin delivery system to be the intentional poisoning and resultant sickening of the peoples of the Earth. Queue the marketing of "salvation by vaccination", and you can frame an interesting picture of what the world is referring to as COVID-19.

For any who are interested, the symptoms of exposure to various venoms can be identical to those said to be caused by the SARS 2 coronavirus.

Video: CoVenom-19

From James Red Pills America

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The Parasites

Parasites, many of which are quite visible to the naked eye, include the more common bugs such as ticks, fleas, lice, and mites, but also include the worm-like helminths (tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, etc), leeches, and flukes (blood, liver, lung, intestinal). So-called parasitic or symbiotic protozoa are microscopic parasites that are thought to be responsible for everything from sleeping sickness to malaria.


Consider the consequences of being a host to parasites.


A parasite is considered to be an organism that feeds off another organism, typically at the host organism's expense. Ectoparasites feed on the surface of the skin, and can be responsible for a range of symptoms, from itching to rashes to lesions to illness and worse. Endoparasites work inside the body. Some may burrow into your flesh, producing a wide array of symptoms, yet remain unsuspected and undetected. Others may dine internally at the table of your intestines and/or organs. The life cycle of these organisms can produce everything from cold or flu-like symptoms to dysentery to weight loss or weight gain to death.

More on this, later...

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The Conquering

Malnourishment, starvation, toxicity and poisoning have deleterious effects on the human body, and produce a wide variety of symptoms ranging from the sniffles to sudden death. Deliberately poisoning air, food and/or water supplies to produce severe acute respiratory distress and then marketing the symptoms as a potentially deadly respiratory illness caused by invisible germs both wickedly sickens a population (or worse) and perpetuates the myth of contagious airborne disease. Ignore the actual primary drivers of sickness at your own peril, whether those drivers are intentional or not, or are compounded by environmental conditions and/or lifestyle choices. You have been told that inevitable sickness is the result of an invisible, transmissible viral enemy that, when not ruining everyone's lives, hides in bats and snakes. You have been - and are continuing to be - lied to regarding this grand deception that has conquered and continues to conquer all the people in all the nations of the Earth.

The White Horse and his Rider have finally been loosed upon the whole Earth, who "went out conquering and to conquer" via the "white" vehicle of so-called modern healthcare. If you would like to read more about this, see my article titled, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".

The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the TRUTH in unrighteousness.

~ Romans 1:18

By the close of the year 2020, in the very face of the clear fact that worldwide illnesses and worldwide deaths were perfectly within expected norms when compared to previous years (indeed, flu had all but disappeared, being reclassified as COVID symptoms and funeral homes business was down compared to the year before), mankind had eagerly adopted the belief that a virus had finally gone rogue and was indiscriminately out to kill everyone. It was just like all those books, TV shows and movies had conditioned any who watched them to anticipate. Anyone who was sick was now told they had COVID. And there were no piles of dead bodies. There was no such virus, and no one needed to produce any evidence that such a virus even existed, nor could they when legal demands were made to do so! And, now that symptoms were no longer required for people to be sick, everyone needed to be tested using a research tool/manufacturing process that isn't a binary test to know whether they had a disease, or not.

Men had only dreamed of controlling all of mankind with the mere press of a button. It was no longer a dream. Once a large enough segment of the population could be induced to participate in the fraudulent so-called testing process, all it took was to simply increase the number of amplification cycles and report all those false positive results as cases (When the PCR had been used for research purposes, 12 amplification cycles was considered scientifically responsible. 30 cycles was known to produce erroneous results, as contamination was exponential. And yet, COVID-19 positive results were determined using 40 to 45 cycles). Dial it up and look at how the number of reported "cases" are increasing. Decrease the number of amplification cycles and report how well masks and lockdowns are working. Wickedly brilliant!

It was evident to any who stopped to consider it that just as chicken wire won't stop mosquitoes from passing through the fence, so paper and cloth masks can't prevent a tiny particle from being inhaled into and expelled out from their noses and mouths. We are not talking about sawdust, here. We are talking about particles claimed to be a tiny fraction of the size of the smallest bacteria, so small they need special microscopes to even pretend to see. And yet, throughout the year 2020, more and more people eagerly muzzled themselves with those same ineffective paper and cloth masks and re-breathed their own exhaled waste, subjecting themselves to potentially deadly conditions called hypoxia and hypercapnia. As they increased the likelihood of inducing their own illness with respiratory complications, they wore the badge of their compliance, subjugation and humiliation proudly, revealing the mask's true purpose.

In an ironic twist, and as if it were orchestrated by a masterful conductor, entire populations of those who formerly reveled in their distinctiveness, non-conformity and rebellion were suddenly immediately identifiable in their unity, conformity and obedience.

They began openly displaying their fear and loathing by attacking any who refused to voluntarily bow the knee and don the uniform!

By the close of the year 2020, in the face of the very clear fact that since the advent of so-called modern medicine each successive generation of man is generally more ill than the previous generation and, despite the worldwide belief in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity, vaccinations and healthcare there is NO reduction in sickness and disease, people throughout the entire Earth had proved to be more committed than ever in bringing their tithes and offerings to worship at the altar of Healthcarism, that idolatrous settled science of compliance.

Throughout 2020, funeral homes/parlors conducted no more services than they had in previous years. In fact, in most cases, they reported doing less business. Apparently, few, if any, died of the flu in 2020. Or any other disease, for that matter. Using the previously settled science of 2019 that would be a statistical impossibility. But what is a statistic, anymore? As more and more people became aware of this little detail, they were told the absence of flu illnesses, let alone deaths, was the direct result of the great job everyone had done obeying the ridiculous new science-mandated practices of mask wearing, social distancing and quarantining of healthy individuals. But, they were also told, COVID was spreading, all due to the fact that people were doing a lousy job of obeying the ridiculous science-mandated practices of mask wearing, social distancing and quarantining. And that is settled science, they claimed!

They would have you believe that so-called modern, allopathic medicine exists atop the truthful, factual and solid foundation of chemistry and chemical science, and is driven by only the purest and noblest of intentions. It would be more accurate to acknowledge that beneath a masterful facade lies a murky world of ignorance, chemical experimentation, fallacy, conspiracy, corruption and greed. Experiments once conducted solely behind closed doors and limited to small, unsuspecting mammals are now available for public participation... participation that is not optional for some. The year 2020 saw previously unknown, unapproved (off-label) chemical substances thrust upon the world stage beneath the mask of so-called "Emergency Use Authorization." The governments of the world conspired to forcibly inject these unknown substances into their respective populations.

Video: Contents of a Vial

by Orwell City

These substances that are being injected into mankind have been found to be loaded with foreign micro particulates. According to yesterday's settled science, the word used to describe the presence of these particulates in a vial meant to be injected into people, particulates which begin to assemble into unnatural, man-made structures once they are exposed to heat, would have been contaminated. A contaminated vegetable discovered in a public market would spark an investigation and massive recall, but no such recall has even been considered for these substances. Courageous individuals and groups have uncovered significant evidence that these injections contain toxic, if not lethal compounds, but this has had no effect on the adoption and spread of the exuberant membership drive for admittance into the New World Order. In fact, governments have conspired to refuse to disclose what is really going on.

UPDATE: As 2021 opened, and the fast-tracked injections that people referred to as vaccines were rolled out en masse, the nation responsible for industrializing and monetizing the theories, experiments and processes of Allopathic Medicine, the nation touted as the world leader in so-called healthcare, the nation claiming to have little more than 4% (330 million) of the population of the Earth (8 billion), the United States of America, also claimed to host 25% (26 million) of the worldwide total number (102 million) of so-called COVID-19 "cases" and 20% (440 k) of the worldwide total number (2.2 mil) of so-called COVID-19 deaths.

UPDATE: By the end of 2021, with worldwide mass vaccinations now well underway, more than 25,000,000 excess deaths were reported (that amounts to nearly 8,000 deaths per day). Some might attempt to connect the dots and call that cause for alarm.

Is everyone working in the fields of so-called science and modern medicine in on the lie, the corruption and greed? While I find that to be doubtful, to accurately answer that question, one would have to know precisely what they know.

We do know that many well-meaning medical practitioners have struggled to reconcile their beliefs in healthcarism with the reality of the tyrannical overlording that prevents them from treating their patients in accordance with their knowledge and their own sworn oaths. In order to retain their licensure many feel they have been forced to back away from what they know to be right.

Unfortunately, lies not perpetrated directly by liars are still perpetuated through fear-induced silence, fear of discovery, fear of implication, fear of cost and/or retaliation. The TRUTH has been the TRUTH all along.

How long would someone seeking the TRUTH with their whole heart remain ignorant?

When you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me.

~ Jeremiah 29:13

Many of these courageous individuals have been stripped of the permission they were once granted to practice medicine. Some have simply been fired from their jobs. Others feel they have been left with no choice but to walk away. As challenging as it can be to suffer financial loss, or even loss of a career, perhaps some of these people are now in a position to learn the TRUTH about sickness, disease and health.

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Grace and Peace be with you,

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