Sickness, Disease and Health

…they did not receive the love of the TRUTH in which they would have Life. Because of this, God sent them the activity of delusion that they would believe lies. 2Thessalonians 2:10b-11

In lieu of trusting in God, fearful people throughout the Earth declared their trust in science, falsely so-called. God, in turn, sent strong delusion so that they would believe lies. It is now being proclaimed that mankind’s only hope for survival, his only salvation, is to partake in ritualistic enslavement behavior, be injected with sorcerer’s potions, and be marked for identification.

And he (Jesus) said to them, ‘Why are you so fearful? Why do you not have faith?’ Mark 4:40

But to the fearful, the faithless, the abominable, the defiled, murderers, drug sorcerers, fornicators, idol worshipers and all liars: their part is in the burning Lake of Fire and Brimstone, which is the second death. Revelation 21:8

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I entreat you; please do not misunderstand: if you are seeking to obtain medical advice, a medical diagnosis, medical treatments and/or medicines, you would need to consult with a medical practitioner. I am not a medical practitioner. I do not practice medicine of any kind. As a result, you could not possibly find any medical advice, medical diagnoses, medical treatments and/or medicines in this article or on this website.

COVID-19: Disease By Decree

The opening of the year 2020 saw the governments of the Earth collaborate in common cause, that of propagandizing the belief in an existential threat suddenly more pressing than so-called Anthropomorphic Climate Change. A so-called deadly pandemic had just been thrust upon the world stage. The media outlets advanced the script, replete with statistics, charts, graphs and interviews with important industry experts. Every man, woman and child was being told they were now at risk! It was said to be caused by a brand new (novel) virus named SARS-CoV-2, a virus that could only be detected by using a special research tool called the PCR. This alleged virus was said to be causing a brand new disease named COVID-19. Actual sickness was renamed COVID-19, and all COVID-19 diagnoses via PCR (or assumption) were called cases. Case numbers were escalating as more people participated, but there was hope. If, while awaiting the impossibly swift development of a so-called vaccine that would save mankind, everyone would voluntarily comply with ritualistic enslavement behavior over a period of 2 weeks, the curve of rising cases could be flattened.

None of this was the TRUTH! 2020 was the year in which everything changed.

People who regarded one another as being very important had gathered to discuss their strategies for dealing with a future outbreak of a deadly pathogen called nCoV-2019 during the dress rehearsal of Event 201, held October 18, 2019 at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, MD. Upon announcement of the official debut of the outbreak toward the end of December in Wuhan, China, images of people allegedly seizing, gasping for air and dropping dead were provided to the media for constant broadcast. The Chinese were now calling the lethal germ 2019-nCoV in their announcement of January 7, 2020. That name was in circulation at Davos in Switzerland on January 24-25, 2020, where the impossibly swift development of a 2019-nCoV vaccine was announced to the elites in attendance. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a public health emergency on January 30, 2020. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) formally named the nCoV-2019 / 2019-nCoV virus SARS-CoV-2 as of February 11, 2020. That same day the WHO, concerned that Asian populations might overreact upon hearing the name SARS again (you may recall that from November 2002 through July 2003 approximately 350 people in China, and an additional 300 people in Hong Kong, were said to have died as a result of a previous novel coronavirus named SARS-CoV), released their racially-sensitive name for a brand new disease that was said be caused by yet another novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and the world came to believe in and fear COVID-19.

The year 2020, seemingly ushered in by the ubiquitous belief in contagious sickness, witnessed the peoples of the Earth obediently submit to worldwide Disease by Decree. A person now would have the disease the ruling class said they had, and the only disease of any significance to the ruling class was COVID-19. It no longer mattered what people might actually be suffering with, whether they exhibited symptoms or not or whether they were even sick or not. In fact, otherwise seemingly healthy people had to be tested using a research tool that is not a health test to find out that they weren’t healthy. The concept of being sick was summarily replaced with case counts. A case of COVID-19 was determined much like a kingdoms appointment of its king: the outcome was whatever those in charge deemed it to be. All of the causes of all of the sicknesses of all of the years gone by were suddenly all ignored. Only one disease mattered, anymore. As the case numbers rose, fear rose in tandem. Worldwide broadcasts constantly reminded mankind of the terrifying prospect of dropping dead at any moment. People eagerly lapped up the news, cowered in fear and voluntarily adopted the most outrageous, nonsensical and harmful behavior ever seen that included such absurdities as the legal enforcement of face masking, physical distancing from one another, the quarantining of otherwise healthy individuals, worldwide lockdowns and closures, and clamoring for salvation by chemical injection. All of this occurred alongside the experts clear warning that if a person were to be determined to have COVID-19, there was less than 1% chance of dying from it.

I am a servant of our LORD Jesus Christ and today I walk in the knowledge of the TRUTH. I have an entirely different understanding of the events occurring throughout the Earth from what is being broadcast.

Lord Jehovah despises false lips but He delights in those who practice faith. Proverbs 12:22

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is safe. Proverbs 29:25

A merry heart improves the body and a depressed spirit dries the bones. Proverbs 17:22

COVID-19 is not a disease. It is a designation, a placeholder for a fearful and powerful idea that is being used to steer all of mankind in a particular, unified direction: being injected. COVID-19 is not caused by a SARS-variant coronavirus, as no such thing exists. You have been and are continuing to be lied to. The grand deception has conquered and continues to conquer all the people in all the nations of the Earth.

The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the TRUTH in unrighteousness. Romans 1:18

As a child, growing up in the USA, I had believed that sickness was predominantly caused by germs and that anyone afflicted with such a germ-caused sickness was probably contagious, meaning they could/would make other people sick. When I became a man God informed me that sickness doesn’t work this way, not like I had come to believe. Sickness is often consequential, but it is not contagious. As a result, if I have become ill, I do not make you sick with my sickness and you do not make me sick with your sickness.

Whether you voluntarily participate in this deception or not will ultimately depend on what you believe about sickness, disease and health.

I pray for you to do well in every way, and be in health, as your soul is doing well. 3John 1:2

Health does not come from a poke, a pill or a potion. Anyone who suggests otherwise is selling something. 

As a child, I learned to believe…

I learned to believe in germs

I knew all about bugs. I played with bugs and I learned that most bugs didn’t like being played with. Some bugs could defend themselves pretty magnificently, and I didn’t play with those bugs anymore. Grown-ups talked a lot about germs and sometimes they used the word bugs when they meant germs. They said that germs were like microscopic bugs responsible for making people sick. I knew that real bugs were not germs; they were just bugs. While some bugs like bees or fleas and ticks made some people sick, most of the bugs I knew didn’t make anybody sick, not the kind of sick the grown-ups were talking about. But I believed their words about the invisible germs, because they were experts and I was just a kid. I learned to believe that germs could be lurking behind every bush and hiding under every rock awaiting their opportune moment, when my defenses were down, to attack me, make me sick and even kill me. Some germs could get on me and hurt me. Other germs could get inside me through my mouth or nose, or even my eyes. The message was clear: I now had one more thing in my life that I could be afraid of because germs were out to get me!

…and I learned to believe in hygiene

I was told that germs were dirty, and to protect myself from the dirty germs I needed to wash my hands with soap. This ritual, called hygiene, would strip the dirty germs away from me and deposit them down the drain (where they went from there was no longer my concern). The experts said that I needed to take this practice seriously because hygiene, singlehandedly, had likely saved all mankind from annihilation just a couple of hundred years ago. People who lived prior to the hygiene awakening were utterly unhygienic and they all probably died young. To be considerate of others and save them, I was taught to cover my mouth when I coughed or sneezed, and then wash my hands. But, if those other people were the ones who were covered in dirty germs, I needed to save myself by staying away from them lest I, too, be exposed to more dirty germs. I was warned that to stay safe I must never drink from another person’s cup, never eat off of another person’s plate, never touch a sick person and, should I ever err: scrub, scrub, scrub away the dirty germs with soap.

…and I learned to believe in infections

I learned that if even one of those insensitive, uncaring and malicious micro-organisms, invisible to the naked eye, ever got ahold of me it would start reproducing and soon I would be dealing with more of them – a lot more of them. This was called an infection and it could be due to my being dirty from not being hygienic and using enough soap. The experts said that infections could spread throughout my whole body and kill me or cause me to lose an appendage or two. This was all due to those dirty germs, which were hiding out in the dirt all around me, patiently waiting to attack and infect me. I was instructed to stay free from dirt and dirty things. They told me that there was real science behind the mandate to stay away from dirty and unhygienic people – because they could be infected and I might get infected from them. And once I got an infection, I would need something a lot stronger than soap to fix it.

…and I learned to believe in contagions

According to the experts, the more insidious aspect of dirty germs was not so much their ability to infect one or two people like me and you; rather it was their ability to spread throughout important families, communities, countries and the whole Earth. These brilliant, miniature entities that I was learning to be afraid of accomplished this through a technology called transmission. Evidently, when the germs were young, they were taught how to expertly position themselves to be rubbed off sick people and onto handrails, walls and floors where they would patiently wait for the next passerby. And they developed skills where they could float in the air on spit, snot and sweat, secretly traveling from an infected sick person to an unsuspecting healthy person, and then start up the whole infection process all over again. I could be a transmitter of deadly germs… and not even know it! This horrific strategy of biological warfare against humanity was called a contagion.

According to the experts, a contagion was no laughing matter; indeed, it was so serious it needed four words to describe it’s levels of intensity (or five words, if you count completely redefining a word):

  1. Outbreak – Invisible germs suddenly started making a bunch of people sick in the same location.
  2. Endemic – An Outbreak didn’t go away; it continued to spread, sickening and killing more people.
  3. Epidemic – The Endemic, or spread of the Outbreak, was so concerning in a given location, you needed a new name for it.
  4. Pandemic (pre-2021) – The Outbreak was now spreading throughout world, leaving piles of dead bodies in it’s wake.
  5. Pandemic (2021 forward) – Whatever the experts say is spreading is spreading; mass casualties are no longer required.

According to the latest broadcasts, unseen dirty germs were now traveling the world for free, infecting dirty people, then multiplying and distributing their sickness and death via contagions… even to hygienic people!

I had noticed that, in a rather uncanny coincidence, the ability of these so-called germs to multiply and spread throughout the Earth appeared to develop and mature right around the time everybody was coming to believe in them…

I stopped, briefly, to think about all the poor, ignorant and uneducated masses who lived before me, those who for thousands and thousands of years didn’t have the benefit of my newfound belief in these evil germs and their abilities. The experts had already convinced me that all those people were unhygienic. And I knew that all unhygienic people were prime targets for dirty germ attacks. I wondered why everyone throughout the entire Earth didn’t get sick and die during one of those attacks? Remember, they didn’t have access to any of the special protection or germ warfare knowledge I was told that I had access to.

Right up there with my question: ‘If a dinosaur-killing meteor hit the earth and killed all the dinosaurs, why didn’t it kill every other living thing?’ was my question: ‘During one of these historical germ outbreaks, what made the germs stop killing, once they got started?’

Were the survivors just lucky that the germs didn’t wipe them out? Perhaps germs, like meteors that only target dinosaurs, were more thoughtful and caring back in the old days, back when they only killed a few people then stopped? Did people not have handrails back then, or drinking glasses and straws? Maybe those early, more primitive germs hadn’t sufficiently developed their transmission skills? We may never know, but it really didn’t matter, because I was also learning that it was important to not ask these kinds of questions. After all, I wasn’t an expert.

…and I learned to believe in symptoms

Everybody knew, and nobody argued that, once in a while, people got sick. The three (3) degrees of old-fashioned sickness were:

  1. A little sick – like having a stomach ache or a headache, where you didn’t feel very well but that feeling would pass soon enough.
  2. Pretty sick – like what they called a bad cold or a flu, where you would stay home from school or work with a fever, and it could take a few days until you felt better.
  3. Really sick – where you may have started out a little sick, but got pretty sick pretty fast, then got really sick to the point where you or someone who cared about you thought you might die.

As with all simple things that work just fine, this definition needed improvement. The experts had been busy cataloging the details of how we all felt or how we looked when we were ill. These details were called symptoms and included terms like sore throat, swollen glands, persistent cough, fever, rash, diarrhea and more. Whenever I or any of my friends got sick, we all recognized the kind of sickness we had based on how sick we felt. Sometimes someone got really sick, but that didn’t happen very often. The experts were saying that my approach to sickness was much too simplistic, so I had to learn how important it was to describe how I was feeling using these very specific terms.

Regardless of my knowledge of symptoms, if I got sick I usually got better… eventually. Some people who got sick didn’t get better and they died. But the experts said that not as many people were dying today as had died thousands of years ago, back when people were poor, ignorant and uneducated, and unhygienic. And to think: they didn’t even have handrails. Those poor people didn’t have the benefit of believing in germs, hygiene, infections and contagions like I was learning to, and they were nowhere near as articulate as I was at describing symptoms. Mankind must have faced near-extinction multiple times over the millennia, and wasn’t even aware of it!

…and I learned to believe in diseases

By now the experts had assigned names to all the germs and their offspring, and they said that when germs made people sick they had a disease. I had wrongly assumed that only the worst kind of illness was called a disease, a really bad sickness that probably resulted in death. That may have been selfish on my part, thinking that only a few people could have a disease. Why not include everybody? The experts were way ahead of me, explaining how every kind of discomfort, real or imagined, could be called a disease; if it had recognizable symptoms, then it was classified as a disease. Because diseases produced symptoms, and having symptoms meant you had a disease. And if the symptoms you were having weren’t currently recognizable as an already named disease, someone could get credit for naming a new disease, because that mattered.

UPDATE: In 2021 the experts worked very diligently to convince mankind that they could all have contagious disease without any symptoms whatsoever. As part of the effort to redefine words, such as the word pandemic, where mass deaths were no longer required, asymptomatic diseases no longer required symptoms.

All this newfound knowledge belonged to the realm of modern science. The modern experts who believed in modern science in my time were very educated and professional. They spoke eloquently of germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms and diseases. Unfortunately all the poor, ignorant and uneducated masses who lived before me had old-fashioned science experts who were uneducated and unprofessional, because they thought that poisonings (toxicity) and starvation (malnutrition) were largely responsible for sickness.

Did you know that for nearly 2000 years de facto science stated that sickness was the result of either starvation or poisoning?

Those silly, misguided people! Even though the experts had told us that toxic poisons were now everywhere, in our clothing and bedding, in our homes and workplace, in our food and drink, in the air and the water, even in us; and even though none of the food we ate contained anywhere near the nutritional density of the food our ancestors ate, it was safe to abandon any primitive, foolish belief that poisons and starvation were responsible for what everyone was calling sickness and disease because we now had agencies that could regulate the wide-spread use of poisons and develop safe-handling policies, and all our food was labeled by trustworthy experts. What a relief! I could stop thinking about proper nutrition and a clean, poison-free environment and get on with developing my newfound belief in the real, invisible enemy: those deadly germs!

…and I learned to believe in medicines

The experts were now busy mapping all mankind’s symptoms to the diseases they belonged to, except for the newest diseases that didn’t have any symptoms. Meanwhile, the invisible germs – the enemies of mankind – were getting smarter, now that we were all believing in them and naming them and the diseases they caused. I was learning that the old germs had been cleverly self-evolving into new, more powerful germs that could infect everyone. Infectious disease was now a leading cause of death.

Chemists, those clever modern day sorcerers who had brought us near-miraculous potions for the masking of symptoms and non-symptoms alike, were re-tasked with developing all manner of chemical weaponry in powder, pill and liquid form that could be used to poison the deadly germs. Whether these concoctions, called medicines, actually helped anybody get better or not, it was clear that we were all finally heading in the right direction, because there was a lot of money to be made by filling the void of medicines in peoples lives. For example, I learned that what was missing in my life was anti-microbial disinfectant, and it was now available to be purchased over-the-counter. Everyone was clamoring to put more chemicals on their bodies to keep them safe. And you could eat and drink some of the germ-killing chemicals, too! But you had to be careful; if you took too much of the medicine used to poison the deadly germs you could get sick or die. Since people were still getting sick and dying, we all now understood that even more medicines were needed.

An entire industry developed around the manufacture and sale of those medicines. The pharmaceutical industry worked tirelessly learning how to best market their new medicines as miracle drugs to combat our invisible enemies and make all our lives better. They employed hundreds of thousands of people, and generated hundreds of billions of dollars, over and over again. These were exciting times!

…and I learned to believe in immunity

The experts said that we all had something inside our bodies called an immune system. According to the new theory of immunity, if any of us could survive catching an infectious disease then we would never get it again… unless, of course, we did. Sadly, all those poor, ignorant and uneducated masses who lived thousands of years ago didn’t know about that one, either.

The broadcasters were announcing that we were now officially at war. I learned that our bodies were actually battlefields being assaulted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no holiday breaks (I had no idea it was so bad)! There was some good news: all those infectious disease-causing enemy combatants had to go through my immune system before they could get to me. I heard that my immune system operated as my first line of defense, like a modern version of an alligator-filled moat surrounding the castle of my body. If my immune system was sufficiently effective I might survive a particular skirmish or battle, and then I could be immune, where no germ could get me.

I learned that my immune system had an incredible memory, one that could remember how it won the last conflict with deadly germs so, should I ever again encounter that exact same invader pathogen that I just crushed, I would already know how to overcome it. Unless something went wrong, like my immune system forgot, or I wasn’t being attacked by exactly precisely the very same invisible enemy I had encountered before. I discovered that germs were smart and they could change clothing and put on dark glasses and look completely different, so they might deceive my personal immune system and its incredible memory.

Seeing as how they viewed us all as cattle, the experts said we could have something even better than personal immunity; we could have something they called herd immunity. It would be a group effort – If a lot of sick people that were individually battling one of those contagions full of clever, mutated, disguise-wearing germs were to stop being selfish and start sharing their wins with all the others, then everybody’s immune system could get stocked up with special resistance against the particular germ that was causing the contagion, even if they weren’t one of the original participating sick people. Make sense? If not, that’s okay because the experts said we could all be working together, and that sounded great! The germs were all still out there, devising new ways to alter their appearance and fighting skills but, for now at least, we might be getting the upper hand in the war.

…and I learned to believe in vaccinations

Some people were ludicrously suggesting that it might be possible to minimize or avoid sickness without the assistance of that entire industry that had been developed around the manufacture, marketing and sale of all those much-needed medicines. A small group of dangerous people were proposing that food, drink, exercise, sleep and silly stuff like that could strengthen our immune systems, too. To make matters worse, even if those old-fashioned notions didn’t strengthen our immune systems, even if we didn’t believe in immune systems, even if there was no such thing as an immune system, reports were pouring in that people were walking away from much-needed medicines. They were listening to the dangerous people, buying their books and paying real money for so-called natural treatments and diets and such nonsense. We all knew that mankind’s survival depended entirely on taking more medicine, and these people were behaving as though there was actually some viable alternative!

So the experts redoubled their marketing efforts, teaching us how glamorous it was to take more medicine. We were told we could live even happier lives, replete with laughter and running hand-in-hand through wheat fields and butterflies and puppy dogs and upper-class incomes… it could all be ours if we would be more proactive and ask our doctors about the availability of the latest chemical releases. We learned about new diseases that we could have, and new strains of germs called variants, much deadlier than ever before, germs that we didn’t know we could believe in until now.

Meanwhile the experts were warning us that the next contagion was right around the corner, and it was deadlier than any contagion we had ever encountered before. We couldn’t take the risk of getting sick, recovering and becoming immune, because we might never recover. Some of the smartest and most caring people in the whole world set out to protect everyone from what was coming. They told us that by injecting us with a little bit of disease along with a whole lot of poison (well-regulated, of course) through a process called vaccination, our immune systems would be forced to become stronger and more effective and we could win the war against germs… well, at least we might have a fighting chance. When some confused, simple-minded people resisted the notion of knowingly injecting toxic, poisonous substances into their bodies, especially when they weren’t even sick, the really smart people inspired us to publicly shame those foolish, selfish haters of humanity! How dare they question the experts! They needed to comply with the advice, mandates and decrees because we were all in this together.

UPDATE: In 2021 silly, simple minded, non-experts thought that vaccinations were supposed to prevent people from getting sick. But the experts corrected that false information by explaining that there was no such requirement for vaccinations. What was important was being vaccinated, over and over again. Just because.

…and I learned to believe in healthcare

Unfortunately, according to the broadcasters of the things we were being told to believe, things were even worse than we imagined. Germs were now spreading everywhere and everyone was at risk. Everybody had the symptoms of one disease or another, or could have, soon enough. Unless, of course, there were no symptoms associated with the disease. Symptoms only mattered if and when the experts said they did. The more important issue was that people were still being born, still getting sick, still dying and in need of being sold an ever-increasing possibility of treatments along the way. This was an existential crisis and people were being irresponsible. They weren’t taking enough medicines and getting all their vaccinations. The experts decided that disease needed monitoring. Disease required professional management. Disease needed public participation.

An extremely sophisticated system was established called healthcare where we could all pay for regular visits called checkups so a qualified and licensed practitioner could practice on us, updating us on the status of our current disease while continuing to look for our next disease. These encounters were excellent opportunities for us to divulge the most personal aspects of our lives for permanent recording and sharing, and to be educated regarding the latest diseases to be on the lookout for. This was also the only acceptable means of obtaining more medicine, for scheduling future testings and special disease removal surgeries, where they might be able to simply cut the germs right out of our bodies.

The healthcare system provided us with an invaluable service: it coalesced and gave credence to all of our beliefs in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity and vaccinations. And disease removal surgeries. To achieve sufficient funding in order to work properly and manage us and all the potential diseases we were yet to believe in, the system depended on everyone’s involvement. Since we were already either sick with disease, thinking we were sick with disease or believing we were about to become sick and diseased, our participation was a given. They needed us and, after sufficient indoctrination and training, we learned to believe that we needed them, too. After all, think of the children.

Healthcare made it possible for everyone to be moved through an exciting and intricate process that involved waiting rooms, and included visiting with an expert who was licensed to practice medicine on us all. We could talk about our symptoms or our non-symptoms and be billed, and be tested and be billed, and get diagnosed and be billed, and have medicines prescribed and be billed, and experiment with the latest medicines and be billed, and have disease removal surgeries and be billed, and repeat the process as many times as we could before we died, an event for which they could bill our families.

When the timing was just right, the healthcare experts told us it was necessary to change a lot of old definitions, the definitions of yesterday’s settled science. This was today and the new settled science made it possible for us to have trendy new beliefs. You may be old enough to remember that back in the old days, a couple of years ago, sickness and disease had associated symptoms. Now I could be sick and have no symptoms because the latest germs, in cooperation with the latest No Symptoms Required diseases they caused, knew how to accomplish that. The experts of the new settled science said I could save others from the sickness I had, the one that wasn’t making me sick, by wearing a mask as much as possible. They said all people need to stay away from all other people, unless the other people lived in the same rooms. The perfect distance for staying away from others, brought to us by the new settled science, was 2 meters or 6 feet, depending on where the experts lived. Happily, whichever number system they believed in, standard or metric, the local germs would believe in, too. But the experts said that mask wearing and physical distancing wasn’t sufficient. The latest settled science was continuing to settle. Certain people, people only the experts could identify, needed to be quarantined and kept away from other people. For a long, long time settled science had published that the quarantining of sick individuals, individuals known to be sick due to the identifiable symptoms of the contagious disease they were infected with, could disrupt transmission of their contagious disease. But these were the days of new settled science where sickness no longer needed symptoms. These were equitable days, where everyone could now experience being quarantined.

And the new definitions kept coming. The official cause of death of any person could now be whatever the experts said it was, regardless of what actually killed them. And, lest any of us think we could achieve the common goal of herd immunity without their assistance, in the year 2020 the experts changed their definition of herd immunity, too. The new definition of herd immunity meant that enough of the herd was now achieving a sufficient level of vaccination injections. If only yesterday’s settled science had known…

The old understanding of vaccination was that a vaccine was supposed to prevent a person from getting sick AND disrupt the transmission of that sickness to other people. But, under the new understanding, it made no difference whether any of those old goals were ever realized, because it was time for radical change, for things to be reset. In the year 2021, getting a vaccination no longer meant that you were immune. And it no longer meant that there was any disruption in transmission. The important thing was that by participating in their experiments, you were helping the experts achieve their vaccination threshold goals, and you were helping the medical practitioners get more practice. Since the whole world was now their laboratory, the top priority was to get everyone injected. Injected people would still be required to obey the same mask-wearing, physical distancing and quarantining instructions that were issued to not-yet-injected people, and they would willingly comply. Because, whether it made any sense or not, whether it helped anyone or not, whether it was even ethical or not, at least it was settled science!

If everyone would stop being so selfish and just comply with whatever the experts were telling us to believe today, if everyone would be responsible and stay faithful with regular, consistent participation in the latest healthcare process, whether anybody ever got better or not, regardless of how many people were harmed or died, at the very least we could avoid the shame of being called anti-science!

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How they say sickness works

The English word disease comes from the French word desaise, meaning lack of ease. In an old-fashioned sense, back when most everyone was not sick most of the time, and busy with living out their lives, a healthy person may occasionally have felt a lack of ease. In recent times, more and more people began to feel that lack of ease. In order to successfully build out the system of healthcare, it was necessary to reverse the focus of our lives by altering the definitions of health and disease.

Disease came to be understood as any and all bodily discomfort, disorder and symptomatic condition, real or imagined. And there was a lot of that going around.

Health was then reintroduced as the absence of disease.

Then disease was re-marketed as that which maliciously robs us of health.

That progression of thought would assist all of us in arriving at the new, properly violent definition of health…

Health: the sophisticated, scientific and unending process of combatting disease.

This is war! As with the war on drugs or the war on terror, the war on germs requires funding forever – as it is never intended to end. Viewing disease as an enemy combatant caused by dirty and infectious germs and countering every maneuver of those disease-causing germs and body system failures with chemicals, blades and very cool tools is the domain of Allopathic Medicine, also called Western Medicine or Modern Medicine. Of course, this is not the only approach to health and/or sickness, just the most profitable. Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine are much, much older systems that did not believe in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity and vaccinations the way that we did. Those poor people.

According to allopathy a disease may be technically understood as an abnormal condition or disorder, the cause of which is either internal or external:

  • A disease having an internal cause would be classified as a dysfunction of the immune system and would include allergies, hypersensitivities, autoimmune disorders, etc. Such a condition might be the result of certain deficiencies or body system failures.
  • A disease caused externally, not to be confused with the trauma of a direct or immediate physical injury such as being crushed by a tractor or being torn asunder by wild beasts, would be due to an invasion of microscopic organisms called pathogens (a more scary, scientific-sounding word for those same germs I grew up believing in). Invasive viruses cause cellular damage triggering the immune system to attempt to neutralize the unwelcome bodies by deploying anti-bodies. A war ensues, the symptoms of which are described as or indicative of a diseased condition.

Prior to the year 2020, an allopathic-defined disease would produce or be associated with one or more signs or characteristics called symptoms. The process that maps a sick person’s symptoms to an existing, named disease is called making a diagnosis and may or may not require extensive testing. From 2020 on, since symptoms would no longer be required for specific diseases, a diagnosis can still be made by using research tools, but the experts said assumptions or guesses made by licensed practitioners is just as effective. Only after a proper diagnosis is made can a course of action called a treatment be prescribed.

Treatment most always includes ingesting or being injected with one or more medications, if not merely to manage discomfort or pain, then to assist in making up for deficiencies, supporting system failures, and/or overwhelming the invisible enemy attacking within that could have caused all of this in the first place: the dirty germs. Costly surgical disease removal procedures may or may not be necessary.

If the diagnosed disease is deemed to be curable, then only by carefully following the treatment protocol can a diseased individual hope to be cured. Those who are told that they have incurable diseases can expect to continue treatment protocols for the rest of their lives, however long or short that is predicted to be, providing they can afford the expense.

Treatments are the goal, not cures. The money is in the treatments, so it becomes necessary to train the populace to expect to pay for treatments, all the while lowering any expectations for permanent cures. Just as the War Department is marketed as the Department of Defense, so Sickcare is marketed as Healthcare. By continually adjusting the definition of normal, it becomes easier to market full public participation in the disease-combatting process. Accordingly, allopathy is touted as the only science-based or evidence-based approach to sickness and disease. This is most befitting, as science has become the art of generating and interpreting data and massaging and reporting statistics, and can only be performed reliably by authorized club members. Coupled with financial and political agendas and backed by governmental authority, evidence is now whatever they declare it to be, so we all can be confident that the experts know what they are talking about. They don’t need to prove anything to anybody because, according to them, the science is already settled. Until it changes. Should any of the experts present contradictory statements, this would be due to the fact that science is always changing (they prefer to say advancing). And, should anyone be foolish enough to ever question any of the experts statements, whatever steps necessary to silence objections would be taken. It is our duty, whether we believe these so-called experts, whether they ever help us or not, whether we are even sick or not, to never be accused of being anti-science. It is our duty to simply participate and allow them to manage us.

In preparation for the next generation of experts who would be trained to assist in humanity’s common plight against the ravages of disease, it would be necessary to continually adjust the curricula to build upon the newly laid foundation of the most recent fallacious dogma settled science. Successive generations of students could save everyone’s time by not asking stupid questions that challenge the status quo. There would be no reason to start over, revisiting old-fashioned nonsense such as the belief that sickness is largely due to poisonings and starvation. That ancient and costly notion of observable science was no longer necessary. Indeed, this next generation of educated professionals could improve everyone’s lives by simply believing what they are told and getting on with the business of advancing their careers. In this way they would be in even better positions than their predecessors to assist all mankind in the growing need for greater healthcare participation, including taking more medicine. 

Massive industries have created the potential for incredible profits for most everyone involved, be they practitioners, administrators, sales agents, politicians, shareholders, etc.

  • Healthcare = Disease management 
  • Pharmacology = Chemical/drug sorcery
  • Insurance = Fear-based pre-payments
  • Technology = Data generation/manipulation
  • Shareholders and Lobbyists = Leadership & Guidance
  • Governments = Enforcement

No matter how sick you may or may not be, or whether you ever display any symptoms of sickness and disease or not, when you participate in healthcare you are not just helping medical professionals get more practice; you are helping so many other people meet their financial goals, so that is something to feel good about.

With this understanding, it should be apparent why so many have become convinced that health is that state of being where a person is subjected to the protocol of medical expert advice, medical testing, medically diagnosis, medical treatment, taking the proper amount of medications, undergoing the appropriate number of surgical procedures and getting all those disease prevention and/or immunity-building injections.

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The Interruption

The course of my life was interrupted in a most startling way, when I was apprehended by the Living God. If you desire, you can read about this encounter in my article, My Story . That interruption altered everything, not the least of which was my belief in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity, vaccinations and healthcare. When I asked God about these things, about all I had been taught, He informed me quite clearly, saying:

Sickness does not work this way!

Oops. So I set out to learn the TRUTH

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Science or Sci-L-ence

Regarding the time of the end, Daniel was told:

…many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. Daniel 12:4

We live in the days when knowledge has indeed been multiplied throughout the Earth. Rather than assume this to be a good thing, as that which supports and justifies one’s academic pursuits, note that Daniel was told it would be knowledge in general that would be increased; not the knowledge of God, not knowledge of the TRUTH.

For more on this topic, see my article titled, Knowledge.

True science is the awareness and discovery of God’s creation. So-called modern science is the accumulation of knowledge of anything and everything but God.

The systematized process often referred to as the scientific method, that of making observations, formulating hypotheses, conducting test experiments and documenting the results, is largely attributed to the 13th century scholar Roger Bacon. This process would begin with a challenge to an accepted dogma, and be accompanied by an opposing speculation and the formation what is called an hypothesis. In theory observable, measurable and repeatable experiments could then be conducted to accept or reject the status quo, called the NULL aspect of the hypothesis. Once rejected, research could then be conducted to validate the speculation, called the ALTERNATIVE aspect of the hypothesis. Experimentation and research would produce results, or data, that would then be collated and compiled into a larger collection of information called statistics. These statistics could then be interpreted and, depending upon many factors which include the general consensus of one’s peers, might constitute the new status quo.

To assume that only the purest of intentions and most honorable of philanthropic and humanitarian interests would drive the scientific quest for more knowledge, regardless of the cost, would be beyond naïve. Put another way, if anyone thinks that the exhaustive process detailed above is followed today, including some altruistic determination to accept the results regardless of the implications, they could not be more wrong. Modern science needs to cooperate with Power and Money in order to be funded. Unfavorable views cannot – will not – be tolerated. Determinations are made, new theories are developed and supported, assumptions are made, projects are financed, research is conducted, data is collected, statistics are professionally interpreted, papers that support the status quo are published, detractors are censored and/or silenced and so-called science marches on, taking itself more and more seriously.

In the pursuit of so-called scientific knowledge, somebody figured out that new levels of population control could be achieved and untold profits could be generated by first equating healthcare with this new and improved science and then simply presenting data (the creation of which they had by now gained complete control over) more dogmatically.

The strategists started getting key talking points, charts and graphs in front of the propaganda distributors media broadcasters. Events were orchestrated and scripted interviews were conducted that had a fearful, lazy, gullible and faithless public on board with whatever new agenda was being sold. Imposing consequences on those who would dare to question such settled science would make it known that only one message could be heard as only one message would be tolerated, and the warning would be clear to any who might consider straying.

When the word science is bandied about today, it may be helpful to note that the so-called scientific method of yesteryear, that artful if not quirky approach to observable, measurable and repeatable experimentation, has been superseded by the technology of computer modeling with stunning presentations of manipulatable information known as statistical data.

So-called Virology; indeed, all of Epidemiology, now relies entirely upon computer modeling. Recent attempts at allegedly unravelling the mysteries of life, such as the so-called mapping of the human genome, and even the theory behind it, that of the supposed discovery of DNA and RNA, along with the entire field of so-called genetics, all have modeling to thank.

It saves so much time to have the computers do both the guesswork and the problem solving! Most importantly, we have learned that whatever results are presented by the most popular and well-funded scientific agenda can be trusted to be settled!

And settled, re-settled and settled yet again. It all depends on who is in charge.

When men aspire to wield control over others, such as desperately wanting to win an argument, they can resort to whatever means necessary. By associating their position with that of the worshipped and adored priesthood of so-called science, and declaring said science to be settled, they have effectually stripped their opponent(s) of any credibility. They are then free to manipulate the statistics heralded by the priesthood any way they wish. They can change long-held definitions of words at will such as vaccine, herd immunity, or even pandemic (which suddenly now no longer requires mass casualties to be declared).

When wielded as a weapon to ensure only one narrative is discussed, let alone advanced, sci-ence becomes sci-L-ence: silencing disapproval, silencing disagreement, silencing dissent, silencing all opposing voices.

But what about TRUTH? Not surprisingly, so-called modern science is exalted in direct opposition to the Word of God. It has established itself as a replacement for God. “In God we Trust” has been successfully replaced with “Trust the science.”

“Follow the science”, they say. These are the same people who say the science is constantly shifting.

One winter, nearly 2000 years ago in the city of Jerusalem, Jesus was walking in the Temple on the porch of Solomon. The Judeans surrounded Him and demanded, “…If you are The Messiah, tell us plainly!” He responded:

I have told you, and you don’t believe, and the works that I do in the Name of my Father, they testify of Me. But you do not believe, because you are not of my sheep, just as I said to you. My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.

Jesus said, “My sheep follow me.”

Unlike their science, He is is not constantly shifting, or settling. He is the TRUTH, the absolute TRUTH Who does not change.

For I am the LORD, I change not… Malachi 3:6

Paul, in his letter to young Timothy, likened those who would live in the last days to the magicians who withstood Moses before Pharaoh, who were:

…always learning and are never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 2Timothy 3:7

Timothy was further warned to:

…guard that which is committed to you and escape from empty echoes (lit. daughters of the voice of vanity) and from the perversions of science, falsely so called (false knowledge). 1Timothy 6:20

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Sickness does not work this way

Algorithms have become the new hypotheses, but technicians needn’t be burdened with having to prove anything, anymore. So long as one’s algorithm supports the status quo it will get the approval needed to be advanced. Charts, graphs, reports, statistics and renderings can now be generated to support any theory or belief one or one’s handlers could imagine. With the advent of so-called artificial intelligence, people are not even needed to be involved with the process of imagining. The computers will now do that for us, as well.

It would require an artificial intelligence to stare at that which is right in front of our eyes, insist it really isn’t there, and replace it with an utterly ludicrous belief.

Just as it would take an artificial intelligence to stare at that which is non-existent, decree it to be there, and build an empire on a completely fallacious foundation.

Once I questioned the status quo; when I stopped to ask God about what I thought I knew, I was told that sickness does not work like I grew up believing it did. It was that simple: I had never stopped to ask, before. I had just marched on, assuming what I believed to be true. I came upon the understanding that those who had lived before us were correct all along: poisoning (toxicity) along with starvation (malnutrition) was largely responsible for what was commonly referred to as sickness. I learned that…

  • There is absolutely no evidence anywhere, possessed by anyone during any age, that any so-called micro-organism is the specific cause of any disease.
  • So-called germs do not directly produce disease.
  • Sickness is often consequential, but it is not contagious.
  • Entire industries were built upon the complete lack of even a shred of evidence.

This is the judgment: The Light has come into the world and the children of men loved the darkness more than The Light, because their works were evil. John 3:19

However, the utter lack of evidence of any micro-organism being the specific cause of any disease proved to be no match for the worldwide propaganda efforts that resulted in widespread adoption of the misplaced beliefs in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity, vaccinations and healthcare. And all that money. All this belief made possible the formation of one of the most powerful, idolatrous religions in the history of mankind: Healthcarism with its adminstrative wing, the Medical Industrial Complex.

Since the fallacious and fraudulent proposals of the founders of the microbe (germ) theory in the 19th century, widely attributed to Frenchman Louis Pasteur and his German rival, Robert Koch, it has taken little more than a dozen decades to advance the deception worldwide:

  • Deadly, invading pathogens are everywhere and are out to get us all.
  • We are all carriers of infectious disease and contagions – with or without symptoms.
  • Sickness and disease are the direct result of a lack of participation in healthcarism, with its approach to proper medical care and monitoring, sufficient pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures and non-stop vaccinations.

The indoctrination has been so thorough that no one need ever be accused of being healthy again! From now on, everyone can believe they are in one form of diseased state or another, symptomatic or asymptomatic, and in need of never-ending testing regimens and treatment protocols. The only hope for a semblance of health is a poke, a pill or a potion. This is the “new normal.”

You may ask, “But how could so many people be wrong?”

…they did not receive the love of the truth in which they would have Life. Because of this, God sent them the activity of delusion that they would believe lies. 2Thessalonians 2:10-11

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The emperor wore no clothes

If Germ Theory was true, human population would have been exterminated long ago, back when all the poor, ignorant and uneducated masses who lived for millennia before us didn’t believe in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity and vaccinations and didn’t have the worldwide system of healthcare in place to manage them. The very first (non-existent) outbreak that (never) broke out would have had zero reason to stop until it decimated all mankind. Surely you are aware that, back then, no one had access to our bevy of experts and the stunning technology of modern, miraculous, settled science… the very same science proclaiming that without their draconian intervention all mankind would be lost! And yet those who lived before us survived. If sickness worked the way they want you to believe it does, no one would have been left alive today to even propose the so-called microbe theory, let alone to build an empire on it!

If Immune Theory was true, no one could ever “get” Strep Throat twice, let alone cold after cold after cold, or flu after flu after flu. If I had Chicken Pox as a child, I could never experience Shingles as an adult. One cold sore would complete the immunization process and herpes would never be victorious on anyone’s lips again! And no one – I mean NO ONE – would ever need a so-called vaccination for a disease that we are told IF we were to become infected there is a 99.7+ percent survival rate!

If Vaccination Theory was true, all sickness would have been eradicated decades ago. If vaccines worked you would never a second injection, let alone a third or fourth, etc. You certainly wouldn’t need to take measures to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, not if any of this was true!

It was the belief in these theories and trust in the powerful and ubiquitous religion they inspired that permitted the entire world to be so easily conquered in 2020 with a crown (Latin: corona) without anyone ever firing a shot. You can read more about the White Horse and Rider in my article, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

By the close of the year 2020, in the very face of the clear fact that worldwide illnesses and worldwide deaths were perfectly within expected norms when compared to previous years (indeed, flu had all but disappeared, being reclassified as COVID symptoms and funeral homes business was down compared to the year before), mankind had eagerly adopted the belief that a germ had finally gone rogue and was indiscriminately killing everyone. And there were no piles of dead bodies. Because there was no such germ! And no one needed to produce any evidence that such a germ even existed, nor could they when legal demands were made to do so! And, now that symptoms were no longer required for people to be sick, everyone needed to be tested using a research tool/manufacturing process that isn’t a binary test to know whether they had a disease, or not. Increase the number of amplification cycles and report all those false positives as cases! Look at how the number of cases are increasing! Decrease the number of amplification cycles and report how well masks and lockdowns are working!

By the close of the year 2020, in the very face of the clear fact that just as chicken wire won’t stop mosquitoes, so paper and cloth masks can’t prevent a particle claimed to be 1000 times smaller than the smallest bacteria from being inhaled into and expelled out from their noses and mouths, people had eagerly muzzled themselves with those same ineffective paper and cloth masks and re-breathed their own exhaled waste, subjecting themselves to deadly conditions called hypoxia and hypercapnia. As they increased the likelihood of inducing their own illness with respiratory complications, they wore the badge of their compliance, subjugation and humiliation proudly, revealing the mask’s true purpose. They began openly displaying their fear and loathing by attacking any who refused to voluntarily bow the knee and don the uniform!

By the close of the year 2020, in the face of the very clear fact that since the advent of so-called Modern Medicine each successive generation of man is generally more ill than the previous generation, and despite the worldwide belief in germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity, vaccinations and healthcare there is NO reduction in sickness and disease, people throughout the entire Earth had proved to be more committed than ever in bringing their tithes and offerings to worship at the altar of Healthcarism, that idolatrous settled science of compliance.

As 2021 opened, and the fast-tracked injections that people referred to as vaccines were rolled out en masse, the nation responsible for industrializing the theories, experiments and processes of Allopathic Medicine, the nation touted as the world leader in so-called healthcare, the nation having little more than 4% (330 million) of the population of the Earth (8 billion), the United States of America, claimed to host 25% (26 million) of the worldwide total number (102 million) of so-called COVID-19 “cases” and 20% (440 k) of the worldwide total number (2.2 mil) of so-called COVID-19 deaths. 

In 2020, funeral homes/parlors conducted no more services than they had in previous years. In fact, in most cases, they reported doing less business. Apparently, few, if any, died of the flu in 2020. Using the previously settled science of 2019 that would be a statistical impossibility. But what is a statistic, anymore? As more and more people became aware of this little detail, they were told the absence of flu illnesses, let alone deaths, was the result of the great job everyone had done obeying the ridiculous new science-mandated practices of mask wearing, social distancing and quarantining of healthy individuals. But, they were told, COVID was spreading, all due to the fact that people were doing a lousy job of obeying the ridiculous science-mandated practices of mask wearing, social distancing and quarantining. And that is settled science, they claimed!

And the experts were busy. In fact, with new diseases to name, new variants to blame, and untold profits to claim, I’d say they were swamped.

Is everyone working in the fields of so-called science and modern medicine “in on the lie?” To answer that, one would have to know what, precisely, they know. But consider this: Lies not perpetrated directly by liars are still perpetuated through fear-induced silence, fear of discovery, fear of implication, fear of cost and/or retaliation. The TRUTH has been the TRUTH all along.

How long would someone seeking the TRUTH remain ignorant?

When you seek Me with all your heart, you will find Me. Jeremiah 29:13

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Insight into how sickness works

Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all my bones within me… Do not forget how He benefits you… He heals all your diseases… Psalms 103:1-3

I was reminded Who had made man… and I knew that, for starters, health was innate to the body He had created. When I was scratched or cut, in direct opposition to the 2nd law of thermodynamics (entropy), the wound would heal “naturally” in accordance with the design. The more damage the body incurred, the longer the healing process might take. Regardless of the severity of the damage, instead of succumbing to the damage, there was intervention available whereby health could be restored.

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal, declares the LORD… Jeremiah 30:17

The LORD sustains him on his sickbed; in his illness you restore him to full health. Psalm 41:3

I learned how bodily tissue may be damaged due to various causes, including deprivation of sleep, nourishment, exercise, etc. In the case of internal toxicity or deficiency, bacteria already present in the body or produced on demand by the body (not invaders from without) congregate and begin breaking down the tissue, consuming the waste. This bioremediation, the natural bodily process of breaking down and expelling waste, often comes at a price: as bacteria consume dead tissue they generate toxic materials and it is these waste materials, not the bacteria themselves, that are largely responsible for what are referred to as “symptoms of bacterial infection.”

The symptoms of the so-called common cold: itchy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, cough and/or mild fever, are the result of the bioremediation process God designed within our bodies. Such conditions may occur as a direct result of damage, or in response to a seasonal sloughing off of toxins. My symptoms are typically indications of remediation. Most importantly, I can’t “give” you my symptoms! You would need to suffer (God forbid) the same or similar exposure and damage I had encountered in order to potentially experience the same or similar symptoms as your body begins the healing process.

Opportunistic parasites, real bugs not computer-generated ones, also play a role in sickness and may, for better or worse, impact remediation. They can detect damaged and/or dying tissue, and they move in to clean it up. As a gardener knows, a sickly or an injured plant attracts bugs. As so many others have wisely pointed out, flies are attracted to garbage; they don’t cause it. Fly larvae (maggots) consume dead flesh; they aren’t waiting to attack and kill healthy living tissue. Sometimes intervention is required, or the results can get really messy.

In the case where the tissue or material in question is not my own but rather that of another’s, such as would occur if I were to ingest spoiled (dead, decaying) food, the bacteria that are already at work breaking down and disposing of the spoiled food I just swallowed may offer me a most unpleasant, potentially deadly surprise! There are no pathogenic serial killer bacteria out to get me. The toxic waste produced in the natural bioremediation process of the food I shouldn’t have eaten will be responsible for my symptoms. Food poisoning is most definitely consequential! But you won’t catch my food poisoning, nor will I catch yours. In fact, some cases, even if we both ate the same bad food, one of us might not even get sick.

Consider my garden’s compost pile… bacteria are busy consuming and off-gassing in their role of bioremediation. Your compost pile smells just as bad as mine does, as they both are teeming with bacteria but, as Dr. Thomas Cowan has pointed out, nobody has been foolish enough to claim that either of our compost piles have an infection. My compost pile didn’t make your compost pile sick. There is no such thing as a compost contagion! That said, I have no plans to run out to my or your compost pile, grab a handful of stinking, decaying compost and start munching on it. Nor would I rub it into my eyes, just as I wouldn’t pour gasoline into them, either.

More to the point, I do not consider my bowels to be infected, though they contain innumerable bacteria.

I learned that under certain conditions, such as when body tissue is overwhelmed with toxicity, my body produces solvents containing proteins and polymerase enzymes to wash away the toxins. These solvents and particles (which some refer to as extra-cellular vesicles or exosomes) are either mistaken for or deliberately presented to be pathogenic invaders, and called viruses. Efforts are then mounted to kill what are perceived to be deadly microscopic entities by adding even more poisons to the body, called antibiotics (Anti = against, Bio = life).

When Healthcare’s solution is to further poison an already poisoned body, it is not hard to understand why so many are harmed and die under their so-called care, and become the statistics of what is known as iatrogenic medicine.

I learned that what is (mistakenly) referred to as a virus is actually the excretion of a toxic cell. A virus exists apart from its host cell in the way a bowel movement exists outside of the colon: as ejected waste material, waste material that degrades and breaks down over time. I am not infected with bowel movements. And I don’t pour poisons down my throat in an attempt to kill the bowel movement.

A so-called virus or rather, a collection of pleomorphic cellular material including enzymes and proteins, damaged tissue and various toxins, is not a living organism. It has no nucleus, no circulatory, respiratory or digestive system. Such a so-called virus does not – indeed, it cannot – replicate. A virus cannot be isolated (in the true sense of the word), where it is separated from its host tissue (the cellular material in which it was found) and purified (where it can be shown to exist as an independent life form).

Put succinctly by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, “Viruses are not alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination.”

When cells and tissues are removed from a living host they begin to die. That includes test samples assembled on slides for microscopic magnification, examination and evaluation. All of epidemiology, all of virology already understands this. In labs across the Earth samples of living tissues are deliberately starved of nutrition and religiously saturated with toxic antibiotics in order to observe and study what will happen next. Would any of you non-experts and non-scientific-types like to take a wild guess at the results? If you said that the living tissue is probably now dead and/or dying, you would be correct! You would be in agreement with all those virologists and microbiologists in all those laboratories throughout the Earth.

But would you now take the leap of faith along with those same scientific types who go on to claim that the resultant particulate matter that is now muddying up the test samples of the cells that were just starved and poisoned, particulates that are only visible as starved and poisoned cells begin to break down and die, is PROOF of an invading virus? Trillions of dollars, entire industries, careers, dreams, hopes and goals, vacation plans, career advancements, new car purchases, etc. are resting on the leap required to call all that “death matter” a virus. What do you say? If you have a vested interest in healthcare I am pretty certain of your answer. There is simply too much to lose.

Dr. Stefan Lanka, who recently won a case in the German Supreme Court regarding his claim that there is not, nor was there ever any such thing as a Measles Virus, wrote the following:

“All claims about viruses as pathogens are wrong and are based on easily recognizable, understandable and verifiable misinterpretations … All scientists who think they are working with viruses in laboratories are actually working with typical particles of specific dying tissues or cells which were prepared in a special way. They believe that those tissues and cells are dying because they were infected by a virus. In reality, the infected cells and tissues were dying because they were starved and poisoned as a consequence of the experiments in the lab.”

In April of 2021, Lanka went on to conduct the world’s first control experiment of it’s kind, an experiment where the documented starvation and poisoning process that was conducted for the purpose of revealing the alleged Sars-CoV-2 virus was duplicated, only without the addition of the alleged “infected” tissue. The results were identical! Cells subjected to starvation and poisoning die. As they die, they express material, material that cannot be isolated from the cells it emerged from. By mis-classifying that material as a virus, the lie continues. More to the point, the money continues to flow.

The body’s cellular detoxification effort apparently produces polymerase enzymes that work to flush toxins away. This is a fairly spectacular process, one must admit. The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) manufacturing process invented by Kary Mullis (as a research tool, a manufacturing process, not a binary diagnostic test) may recognize the presence or signature of these proteins and enzymes under certain conditions, based upon the sheer number of amplification cycles. Referring to these cell-produced particulates as corona viruses by blanket decree, and then vilifying the so-called viruses as some pathogenic cause of disease, presents a completely false picture of what is actually occurring.

The PCR was selected to be used (improperly, whether out of ignorance or intentionally) as a test for COVID-19, even though its inventor specifically stated it was not capable of detecting so-called viral infections. It cannot determine the difference between so-called Influenza A or Influenza B, let alone so-called SARS-CoV-2. The tool is manipulatable, as are the results it produces. The agenda should be clear by now.

I learned that sickness is often consequential, but it is not contagious. Contrary to the common dogma, neither the so-called common cold or the so-called flu is spread from one person to another. I can become sick. But I cannot make you sick with my sickness and you cannot make me sick with your sickness. As such, there are no viral infections, viral outbreaks, or viral pandemics.

What are being called viruses are the result, not the cause, of the toxic state. The search should be for the real cause of the toxic state. But there is no money in that.

I learned that a so-called outbreak can occur where more than one person is collectively subjected to the harmful effects of a toxin, poison, electromagnetic pollutant, or parasite and many people experience identical, or very similar, symptoms. When evil people detonate an explosive device in a building occupied by men, women and children, those occupants experience an outbreak of surprisingly similar symptoms. When a pack of lions advance upon a small village occupied by men, women and children, those occupants experience an outbreak of surprisingly similar symptoms. When a fire ravages through a community occupied by men, women and children, those occupants experience an outbreak of surprisingly similar symptoms. When a local factory spews toxic poison into the air or water of an area occupied by men, women and children, those occupants experience an outbreak of surprisingly similar symptoms.

When wicked people deliberately develop poison(s) called bio-weapons, and distribute those poison(s) to others, however packaged and by whatever means, the recipients experience an outbreak of surprisingly similar symptoms; symptoms that include harm and death. 

When thinking about large groups of people getting really sick at the same time, do not forget that, along with various poisons, starvation (malnourishment, nutritional deficiencies) has sickened many and claimed significant numbers of lives. So-called Beriberi, once thought by science du jour to be an infectious disease, was eventually realized to be the result of a vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency. Likewise, so-called Pellagra was eventually realized to be the result of a vitamin B3 (niacin) deficiency. So-called Scurvy was eventually realized to be the result of a vitamin C deficiency. Once I realized that such outbreaks are not due to germs they are not the result of some pathogenic virus or bacteria – I was released from the hypnotic, paralyzing fear that contributes to the idolatry of Healthcarism.

Once I grasped the falsehood behind the notion of infectious pathogens, I was free to honestly examine my lifestyle (work, play, habits, clothing, thoughts, beliefs, rituals, words I speak, etc.) along with the food, water and air I was intaking. When I truly wished to gain insight into what was causing the symptoms of a sudden and mysterious illness, instead of hunting for an invisible enemy to hate or be scared to death of, I began asking questions, such as: What did I do? What changes did I subject my body to? What may have been done to me?

By way of example, if I were to suddenly radically alter my dog’s diet, I would likely be rewarded with his vomit and loose stools, and I would subsequently gain a deeper understanding of this simple phenomena. If I were to deprive my body of adequate rest, air, food, etc. I could be in for a rude awakening.

My body requires constant nourishment. So, when I have the choice, what am I feeding it? What am I starving it of or overwhelming it with, all in the name of taste and/or convenience? What role does engineered food, unnatural food, play in my diet? And for how many years has this been going on?

Additionally, what poisons might my body’s cells have been exposed to recently that may now be overwhelming them? I learned that poisons come in many forms from many sources. Poisons can be ingested, inhaled and absorbed into the skin as well as be injected.

Our bodies are highly electrically sensitive. If it were not so, that 12-lead EKG in the back of the ambulance would be useless, as would an EEG (not to mention defibrillators or pacemakers). Many are awakening to the toxic effects of electrical exposure and re-thinking the cause(s) of so-called seasonal illnesses (such as when nearly everyone moves inside into highly charged electrical environments during the winter months). Dr. Andrew Kaufman has suggested the understanding of cycles; more specifically, natural cleansing cycles, that may also account for these commonly shared, seasonally recurring symptoms.

I didn’t use to think of electricity as a poison, but I sure learned to. I discovered I was literally surrounded by invisible electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). EMFs offered me the lure of convenience. In the past I had used microwave devices to rapidly cook food and to reheat leftovers. Such devices contain strict warnings for usage for a very good reason. The manufacturers clearly stated that violations of those warnings can cause irreparable harm. And yet I stood directly in front of microwave ovens waiting for my food to heat rapidly, in the name of convenience.

EMFs were present all along in the various cellular phones I had used over the years. In the fine print of the documentation I had never bothered to read, the cell phone manufacturers warned me never to place their devices directly against my body, due to the harm that may result. Even after becoming aware of the warning, but over-powered by the convenience of use, I carried their devices in my pockets and held them against my head while talking.

EMFs permitted me to conveniently stream video wirelessly to massive LED screens, saturating the environment around me with unnatural electrical frequencies. The devices in use also contained warnings which I often ignored in order to enjoy the convenience.

Electromagnetic frequencies are heavily used throughout the Healthcare system, in radiology departments and oncology departments. It is well known that prolonged exposure to these frequencies can be very harmful, even fatal. Radiation poisoning is cumulative, so even intermittent exposure can produce deleterious results.

The so-called “harnessing” of electricity is a rather recent accomplishment for mankind. To believe that it only had an upside with no downside would be impressively foolish, and yet that is precisely what I believed (as demonstrated by my actions). But I learned to reconsider the introduction of various so-called electrical advancements with the advent of various devastating illnesses, and the connections were astonishing. As Arthur Firstenberg pointed out in his book, The Invisible Rainbow, “If influenza is primarily an electrical disease, a response to an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere, then it is not contagious in the ordinary sense. The patterns of its epidemics should prove this, and they do.”

Over time my understanding of sickness changed completely. I realized that by effectually swapping out pathogens for poisons (including electrical) and starvation, a massive shift in responsibility had just occurred. I saw that I could longer live as though I were the unwary victim of a war being waged against me by invisible, microscopic, malicious enemies called germs, the treatment of which would need to include deliberate dosing with even more toxic poisonings.

The level of my resistance to gaining this true understanding was directly related to my willingness to accept responsibility.

Where was I placing my trust?

What is my hope, if not you alone, LORD Jehovah. Psalm 39:7

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Connecting the dots

The recently named disease of COVID-19 is associated with what may be the broadest range of symptoms ever described: symptoms ranging from non-existent to cold and flu-like symptoms to anaphylactic-like reactions to respiratory distress to seizure and sudden death (and, once treatment began, blood clots, strokes and heart attacks). Attributing death from any one of the conditions that may have exhibited these symptoms to COVID-19 is disingenuous, at best. The insistence on renaming all so-called cold, flu and pneumonia cases “COVID cases” belies an agenda. In spite of the worldwide efforts to to attribute the symptoms of all sickness to COVID-19, throughout the year 2020 people continued to exhibit cold and flu symptoms and even die of pneumonia. 

Included in the vast array of claimed COVID-19 symptoms are the remarkably similar symptoms associated with both radiation pneumonitis and altitude (“mountain”) sickness, which may include but are not limited to fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, seizures, coma and death. A shared issue of both potentially fatal conditions is cellular deprivation of oxygen.

Curiously, microwave frequencies (wireless technology, especially certain millimeter waves such as are associated with 5G) are said to be able to disrupt the molecular bonding between oxygen and the iron and Vitamin B1 (Niacin) in our blood, a bond that is vital to properly distribute oxygen to our cells. Cells deprived of oxygen are damaged and in turn become toxic.

Physicist and microwave weapons expert Barrie Trower has been warning of the dangers of microwave frequencies for decades, stating that physical symptoms of low level microwave radiation poisoning include fatigue, lethargy, increased duration of cold/flu-like symptoms, neurological damage, depression and worse. He has said that implementing wireless technology among children, in particular, is “incredibly dangerous, incredibly stupid.” He suggests that instead of bombarding our and our children’s bodies with microwave radiation, we simply “…use a piece of wire (Ethernet cable)… a fiber optic cable, or a telephone line and the problem is solved.” But that isn’t convenient, so the dangers are readily dismissed.

5G side effects are documented to include oxidative damage, disruption of cell metabolism, increased blood / brain barrier permeability, melatonin reduction, disruption to brain glucose metabolism and generation of stress proteins.

Wuhan City, the Princess Cruise ships, Northern Italy, NYC, Salt Lake City, etc were all test environments for the rollout of 5G networks. While the peoples of the world were being told there was a new invisible germ coming to a theater near them, it appears that a very real, invisible enemy may indeed have been spreading. The elderly in cities throughout the Earth who were dying from complications of pneumonia were all being counted as COVID cases… and the death tolls were broadcast night and day. The source of the cases was NEVER admitted to be in any way related to the previous years sickness and death counts, nor was it ever acknowledged to be in any way related to poisoning (radiation or otherwise) or starvation.

Graphene is composed of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice structure. It is the building block of carbon nano materials such as nanotubes. Graphene has been heralded as a wonder compound since its alleged discovery (and patenting) in 2004, a so-called super material possessing up to 300x the mechanical strength of steel. It has strong magnetic properties, and is a highly efficient electrical, heat and photo conductor while it remains nearly transparent. Graphene oxide, a toxic derivative of graphene and established in the public domain for too many years to be patentable, was discovered in 1859 (oops…) and has vast biomedical applications. Unlike Graphene, graphene oxide is hydrophilic (attracted to water). It is transparent and injectable. A 10 µm few-layer Graphene oxide flake can pierce a cell membrane. According to one manufacturer, polyethylene glycol has been grafted onto Graphene oxide and used for targeted drug delivery. Proteins, bacteria, cells, quantum dots and even DNA have been grafted on, making it useful for gene therapy treatments. Another company advertises its development of high density and high resolution graphene intelligent neural systems, the next generation of neuro-electronic therapies powered by machine learning. But graphene oxide is a (known, 160 year old) toxicant, generating blood coagulation and thrombi (clotting). Inhaled into the lungs, it can generate pneumonia. It inflames the mucous membranes, causing a loss of smell and taste. Graphene oxide has now been found in face masks, PCR test swabs, all of the so-called vaccines and, soon to debut: nasal sprays. In the name of combatting so-called climate change, weather modification efforts via stratospheric aerosol spraying incorporate graphene oxide. Perhaps the best (most honest) way to spell SARS-CoV-2 is graphene oxide.

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Video: The Emperor Has No Corona

An investigation into the alleged isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

by ThoughtCrime7

God, sickness and disease

Did the Living God, man’s Creator, intend for his creation to suckle on the teets of so-called healthcare all their days, perpetually hunting for new diseases to be managed? What did Jesus say?

The healthy have no need for a physician, but those who have become very ill… Mark 2:17

According to the Master, there exists such a condition as healthy where no assistance is required. John wrote:

I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul. 3John 1:2

Consider the man who looked to Peter and John for charity and to whom Peter said:

I have no gold or silver, but what I do have, I give to you: In the name of Jesus The Messiah, the Nazarene, stand up and walk. Acts 3:6

As the people gathered to marvel at this man’s restoration to wellness Peter, addressing Jerusalem’s residents, said:

You killed him, The Ruler of Life, whom God raised from among the dead, and we are all his witnesses. By the faith of his Name, this one whom you see and know, he has restored and healed, and faith in him has given him this health before you all. Acts 3:15-16

For those who have ears to hear: Be well; be healthy.

After rising from the dead, Jesus appeared to his 11 remaining disciples while they were having dinner. He rebuked them for their lack of faith and callousness of heart at not believing those who had seen Him alive. Among other things, He said:

These signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages. And they will take up serpents/snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed. Mark 16:17-18

The Living God made it a point to address the issue of ingesting poison by stating that among those who believe, they will not be harmed. He also added that when those who believe will lay their hands upon the sick, the sick will be healed.

The followers of the LORD Jesus were not instructed in the diagnosis of disease, treatment of symptoms, procurement and distribution of medicines, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture techniques, psychiatry or anything else that remotely resembles so-called modern medicine. He did not send His disciples to medical school, nor did He promise that one day medical knowledge would supersede His own knowledge and His followers could finally abandon Jesus’ primitive approach to health in favor of receiving salvation via the priesthood of Healthcarism. He most certainly did not tell those who had left all to follow Him that all this power to help the afflicted would be useless one day.

Many religionists seek to justify their lack of knowledge of the TRUTH and lack of faith in God by looking to the Scriptures for validation of their idolatrous belief in Healthcarism. Lest they be viewed as undesirable to bestow honor upon, lest they come across as out of touch, kooky, anti-vaxx, anti-science or unacceptable to and unlovable by the world, they work diligently to explain away what they perceive to be a primitive God and a superstitious people, going so far as to blasphemously suggest that ‘had so-called modern medicine been available at the time, not only would Jesus have participated in it, he could have helped so many more people!’

According to these false teachers, it is as though God may have wanted to tell all of us how sickness and disease really worked, all about germs, hygiene, infections, contagions, symptoms, non-symptoms, diseases, medicines, immunity, vaccinations and healthcare thousands of years ago, but He had to wait until the mid-1800s to do so because we just weren’t advanced enough scientifically to believe in it! Either that, or He didn’t even find out Himself, ’till then!

These religionists foolishly seek to equate Biblical pestilence with so-called viral outbreaks, Biblical plagues with so-called contagious disease and ceremonial hand washing with hygiene. They hold that those poor, ignorant and uneducated masses who lived for millennia before us either had it all wrong, being misinformed, misguided and deluded, or were under some special consideration (dispensation) back in the old days where everything worked differently; back when God interacted directly with mankind.

Rather than measure themselves and the world around them in accordance with the unchanging Word of God, they seek to explain away God’s words using the ever-changing doctrines of commandments of men.

Malachi heard God say of Himself:

For I the LORD do not change! Malachi 3:6

Nevertheless, it is common in so-called theological circles to adopt the belief that God changed; at least, He changed what He told mankind and He did things differently in one era than He did in another. This notion allowed religious types to believe they could better fit in with those who didn’t believe in God at all. They could look respectable and knowledgable and modern to those who were perishing. And they could trust in and believe in Healthcarism.

Perhaps you have heard some or all of the following, explicitly or inferred:

  • People can’t believe in a God who punishes them by making them sick! God is love.
  • What does sin have to do with science, anyway? God wants us to feel good about ourselves. Don’t be judgmental!
  • There were fewer diseases for people to get sick with back in Bible days, because there were fewer people alive. New diseases have continued to spontaneously create themselves, evolving over time. More people means more sickness and diseases, because people make other people sick.
  • Superstitious people used to think of sickness and disease as evil, and the work of the Devil, but science has cleared that up for us by informing us that germs are amoral.
  • Believing in something you can’t see, like the Devil or miracles or even God, is downright unscientific. But believing we live on a ball spinning at 1000 mph that is hurtling through an ever-expanding universe at incomprehensible speed, all while the constellations of stars are in precisely the same configurations they have been in since they were created; believing that we stick to the globe of the Earth through a magical force called gravity, a force strong enough to hold the mighty oceans in place in the face of the centrifugal force that would otherwise fling us all off into space, while a piece of lint is somehow allowed to float effortlessly away from the ground; believing in invisible germs and pathogens that are hunting mankind – this is all settled science!
  • Job got sick and God just looked the other way. From this incident we learn that God uses our sickness, disease, calamity, tragedy and death as educational tools to show us how to be more spiritual and to love God more. But, just in case we’re wrong about that, we’ll be scheduling follow-up appointments with our doctors.
  • Back in Bible days a person could request to have hands laid upon them, be anointed with oil, bathe in a particular pool and/or pray for restoration of health. While it may sound very spiritual, it is actually very unsanitary and dangerous. We can’t really prove such behavior ever did them any good. Today we listen to the science and don’t fall for such nonsense.
  • What superstitious people used to call demon possession, experts now know to be either mental illness or unexplained phenomena. In the case of mental illness, everyone knows mentally ill people must learn to live with their illness and take proper medications and endure counseling for the rest of their lives. In the case of unexplained phenomena, until modern science explains it, we’ll just leave it at that.
  • Jesus may have performed miracles as the Son of God for two or three years in order to prove Who He was. But He is gone now, as is the need for Him to prove anything. And demons are gone. And miracles are gone. And apostles and prophets are gone. And God is silent. And in place of all that we now have modern science and Healthcarism.
  • We thank God for the miracle of modern medicine, miracle drugs and His miraculous guidance of the hands of the disease removal surgeons. Because, for at least 5,850 years this was always what He wanted to give us, but didn’t. This was what He always wanted us to believe in, but it wasn’t available, yet. All that supernatural stuff was merely a stopgap measure for primitive, unscientific types. The future, the one God envisioned, is here!
  • And, lest we forget, Luke was a doctor. That means that he trusted the science!

Clean and Unclean

According to the Scriptures, the understanding of Clean and Unclean have nothing whatsoever to do with disinfectants or the lack thereof, let alone hygiene. Once God gave the law to Moses, no matter how much soap a son or daughter of Israel may have wished to apply to a mouse, mole or lizard, these animals were declared to be Unclean to them.

…I AM LORD JEHOVAH your God and you shall be hallowed and you shall be Holy Ones, because I am holy; you shall not defile your souls by any creeping thing that creeps on the Earth. Leviticus 11:44

And yet God never said these animals were poisonous or laden with germs! God declared them perfectly fine for strangers to consume:

… And you shall not eat anything that is defiled, but give it to the traveler who is in your city; he will eat it. Or sell it to a foreigner, because you are a holy people to LORD JEHOVAH your God… Deuteronomy 14:20-21

According to what God told Moses, after childbirth a new mother was declared to be Unclean for a period of 7 days if she bore a son and 14 days if she had a daughter. An additional 33 days were added for the blood cleansing if the child was male, and 66 days if the child was female. Both a burnt offering and a sin offering were then required to complete the Cleansing. See Leviticus 12:1-8

Unclean does not mean infected with contagious germs! Just as Clean is not synonymous with healthy!

Leprosy was another Unclean condition. But there was no issue of contagion. Quite the contrary, anyone experiencing “…a sore in the skin of his flesh or a scab or shiny spots…” needed to be brought to Aaron the Priest or one of his sons in order to first be thoroughly examined before being declared Unclean. It was then necessary for the Priest to separate the person from the camp and continue to regularly examine the person in order to be able to declare him Clean again.  See Leviticus 13:1 – 14:32

Please note that the Priest took no physical precautions for his multiple examination encounters with the one declared to be Unclean. No Priest ever contracted leprosy as a result of making such examinations!

God would sometimes “…put a mark of leprosy on a house.” A process would ensue that involved inspection, scraping, stone removal, even burning. See Leviticus 14:33-57

Please note that those who were sequestered to remediate an Unclean house did not dress in hazmat suits. Yet no one had to be hospitalized. No one died from the process. No one got sick!

Jesus did not foam/wash-up, mask-up, gown-up and/or glove-up prior to reaching out and touching the leper who came to worship Him:

…he (the leper) said, ‘My lord, if you are willing, you are able to purify me.’ And Jesus, stretching out his hand, touched him, and he said, ‘I am willing. Be purified’, and at that moment his leprosy was purged. Matthew 8:2

Furthermore, Jesus commanded His disciples to go and do likewise, to “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons…”

If I believed I were suffering an Unclean condition, instead of running to the sink and grabbing a bar of soap, I would turn to our one and only High Priest, Jesus, to receive the purification, the declaration of “Clean”, that He alone provides:

From now on you are clean because of the word which I have spoken with you. John 15:3

The 10 Plagues of Egypt

  • Water turned to blood
  • Frogs
  • Gnats
  • Flies
  • Death of Egyptian livestock
  • Boils
  • Hail
  • Locusts
  • Darkness
  • Death of the firstborn sons

See Exodus 7:14-11:10

None of the above occurred as the result of germs. These plagues were not due to a lack of sanitization or a dearth of vaccinations. The bordering nations didn’t catch any of the plagues that came upon the land of Pharaoh, the Pharaoh who memorably refused to obey God!

If I was convinced I was suffering from a plague sent by God, I would repent immediately! Just as calling the doctors to work their magic didn’t save Pharaoh or his people, it is not going to save me – not if it is God who is judging me – not if it was God Who sent the plagues in the first place!


Regarding pestilence (root word: pest. Think: frogs, gnats, flies and locusts – not microbes)…

One time I was visiting brothers and sisters in a small, rural town. Upon my arrival I was treated to an outdoor BBQ feast where we were besieged by flies. Yet no one seemed to notice – it was surreal. I attempted to engage anyone in conversation regarding the number of flies we were collectively experiencing, only to have the conversation dismissed and the subject changed. I knew these bugs were (for some reason) authorized to be here – and I knew that I was authorized to remove them. I withdrew from the crowd and rebuked the flies, ordering them out of town. I returned to enjoy my fly-free meal. And no one noticed the flies were absent. Did I mention how surreal the whole event seemed? A week or so later I attended an auction held in a massive barn (large enough inside for a horse show) that was situated right next to the main highway and not more than a couple of miles away from where that fly-infested BBQ had been held. After the auction, the multiple barn doors were opened to allow vehicle access for the buyers and sellers to remove their items from the premises. I watched the whole barn emptying process from the safety of a bench positioned out of the way against a far wall. Once the barn was emptied, I was startled by what I thought to be a momentary anomaly in my vision, as I witnessed most of the wall of the barn opposite me appear to shift, to move…ever-so-slightly. Then it shifted again. Did I mention it was a big barn? I rose from my bench to investigate and, as I approached the massive wall, my gaze was drawn out through the open barn doors to the sign on the nearby highway… you know the one… the Welcome to Town sign. As I grew near to the wall and the awareness of what I was witnessing began to dawn upon me, the hair began to stand up on the back of my neck. My gaze returned to the wall where I beheld more flies than I had ever seen in my life, all massed together to cover that entire barn wall. They had been told to leave town… so they did!

If I was convinced I was experiencing a Biblical pestilence where real, not imagined, pests have been authorized to besiege an area, I would first seek God for the specifics of any violation(s) that may have brought about such judgement, and then stand in His authority to deal with the pests. If God has sent the pestilence, spraying a swarm of insects with DDT will not substitute for the obedience and authority required for God to stop the pestilence.

Sin, sickness and death

It is written that King Herod was praised by the people who said, ‘These are the sayings of God and not of men’:

…because he did not give the glory to God, immediately The Angel of THE LORD YHWH struck him and he was infested with worms and he died. Acts 12:23

Please do not be foolish enough to think that a good de-worming with antibiotics or an herbal parasite cleanse could have spared that king.

You may know of Ananias and his wife Sapphira, who sold a field and gave some of the proceeds to the apostles in Jerusalem. Ananias withheld some of the money for himself, which would have been perfectly acceptable had both he and his wife not lied about it. They both dropped dead as a result. Please do not be foolish enough to ponder, “If only someone had known CPR…” See Acts 5:1-11

Jesus’ disciples asked Him regarding a man born blind:

…Master, who is it that has sinned, this one or his parents? John 9:2

Jesus could have said, “How insensitive! What makes you think there is anything wrong with this man?” Or He could have said, “Don’t be ridiculous! Sin doesn’t have anything to do with physical health and well-being.” He could have said, “What? Everyone has to suffer for their own sins! You can never inherit consequences for your parents sin!” But He didn’t say any of those things. In this case, for this particular young man, Jesus said:

…He had not sinned nor his parents, but that the works of God may appear in him. John 9:3

And when He had said these things, He spat on the ground and formed clay from His spittle and He smeared it on the eyes of him who was blind. John 9:6

He instructed the man to:

…Go wash in the baptismal pool of Shilokha (Siloam). John 9:7

The man did as he was instructed:

…he went on, he washed, and as he was returning, he saw. See John 9:7

“What?” gasp the ignorant. “You’re telling me that Jesus ejected his virus-laden spit out of His mouth and onto the filthy, germ-laden ground, mixed it with a non-gloved hand, then smeared it into an unsuspecting blind man’s eyes? Oh the horror! The assault! Then He had the gall to send the poor man to a public pool, devoid of chlorine, and probably teeming with parasites! I refuse to believe it.”

How important it is to have access to the One Who authorizes everything!

Then the LORD said to him, ‘Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the LORD?’  Exodus 4:11

If I was convinced that I was sick as the result of sin, my next step would be to stop sinning! If sin is the cause, how could drugs or surgery ever be the salvation? If my condition was “in order that the works of God may appear in me” then I would get on with that!


So-called theologians, people who are convinced that the Living God is apprehended only through much study, and who spend more time pontificating over what they and other people say God means rather than listening to what God is saying, are careful to play down any correlation between sin and sickness, preferring to cite the book of Job to justify why they believe bad things happen to good people. They are quick to point out that we all know somebody who was a good person, or had faith and died anyway, so they warn us not to get our hopes up. They encourage us to “trust the science” and participate in healthcare.

Job was a good guy, full of his own righteousness. And he was worried sick, scared to death that something bad was going to happen to his 10 children who were bona fide party animals:

…he would rise early in the morning and offer burnt offerings according to the number of them all. For Job said, “It may be that my children have sinned, and cursed God in their hearts.” Thus Job did continually.  Job 1:5

Here is a significant contrast between two men who lived around the same time:

  • Job, a righteous dude who, out of fear not faith, “continually” offered up sacrifices on behalf of his children, “just in case.”
  • Abraham, the former idol worshipper who “believed God and it was accounted unto him as righteousness.”

For more on the topic of believing God, see my article Believing God?

Satan was authorized by God to wreak havoc upon the man. Job’s children were all killed, as were his livestock, and Job was stricken with illness. Job’s wife offered us some valuable insight into how things work when she advised her husband, who was suffering at the hands of Satan:

…Curse God and die. Job 2:9

Happily, Job did not take her advice.  

Elihu, a wise, young acquaintance of Job, told us that it isn’t God who is afflicting men; He is not the one oppressing them.  Job 37:23

(For those unfamiliar with the story, it has a more-than-happy ending… For more on the life of  Job, see my article titled, The Book of Job – Study Guide).

Peter told Cornelius the Centurion about:

Jesus who was from Nazareth, whom God anointed with The Spirit of Holiness and with power, and he was traveling and healing those injured by The Evil One (oppressed by the Devil), because God was with him. Acts 10:38

I had to (re)learn who was doing what to whom, and why. 


Peter’s mother-in-law was down with “…a great fever.” See Luke 4:38-39. Jesus went into her house. He wore no mask. You may ask, “What was He thinking? He could have become infected! Or worse: He could have inconsiderately transmitted His asymptomatic fatal disease (a disease for which He would need to be tested with a test that isn’t even a test to know if He even had) to a woman with a compromised immune system! And, as He dialed 911, if only He had access to some painkillers or fever reducers, that poor woman could have felt marginally better until she could receive some proper medical attention. Then, perhaps she could recover and be up and about after missing only a few days of work. She could have rejoined the group, but only after she was properly quarantined, of course.”

To which I would answer, “There is something greater available: The TRUTH!”

And He (Jesus) stood over her and rebuked her fever and it left her, and at once she arose and she was waiting on them. Luke 4:39

In case you were wondering, no one caught the mom’s fever. No one catches any sickness.

I recall a time when my daughters were little. We were visiting brethren in a small town whose primary employer had closed operations. You could purchase a house for a song! The place was infested with demons, more so than I had ever witnessed. One afternoon, in a totally unexplained incident, both my daughters suddenly went limp (as in, unresponsive) with high fever, quite literally within moments of one another. Knowing this was a time for action, I scooped them up, one under each arm, and ran out into the street crying out to God. An older brother who lived a few houses down from where we were staying ran up to meet me and we both set about rebuking that fever… We got loud. Minutes later, just as suddenly as it had appeared, the fever left! Both I and the girls were drenched with water. They looked up at me and smiled, perfectly restored to health. And God received the glory!


…they brought to him all those who had become ill with various diseases, those who were afflicted with severe pain, and the demon possessed, and lunatics and paralytics, and he healed them.

…He gave power to them and authority over all demons and diseases to heal the sick… Luke 9:1

…But the sun was setting and they brought to him all of those who were very ill with various diseases, and he laid his hand on each one of them and healed them. And many demons were going out from many as they screamed and they were saying, ‘You are The Messiah, the Son of God!’ Luke 4:40-41

…women who had been healed from sicknesses and from evil spirits… Luke 8:2

Question: Since demons don’t die, where did you think all those ones Jesus and his followers dealt with went to for the last two thousand years? What, exactly, did you think all those demons, the ones who used to be responsible for sundry afflictions and oppression, seizures and so-called mental illness, have been doing all this time? Where did the demons go and what have they been doing?

Answer: Assisting mankind with developing alternate belief systems where they, the demons, seemingly don’t exist anymore. Wickedly brilliant!

When John the Baptist, who had been imprisoned, heard about the works of Jesus, he sent his own disciples to ask Jesus if He was the Messiah. Jesus told John’s followers:

…go back and tell John the things that you hear and see. Those who were blind see, and those who were lame walk, lepers are being purified, those once deaf are hearing, those who died are rising and those who were poor are given The Good News. Blessed is he who will not be suspicious of me… Matthew 11:2-6

He said to His own disciples:

Go to the entire world and preach my Good News in all creation. Whoever believes and is baptized has life, and whoever does not believe is condemned. But these signs will accompany these who believe: in my name they will cast out demons, and they will speak in new languages. And they will take up snakes, and if they should drink lethal poison, it will not harm them, and they will place their hands on the sick and they will be healed. Mark 16:15-18

The role wicked spirits actually play in sickness and disease is what I would be intent upon learning. If I was convinced that I was under assault by the real invisible enemy, not a fictitious, computer-generated one, and I actually believed that God would heal me just as He said He would, my next step would be to submit to God. Then resist the Devil and he will flee!

What if I need help?

And if any of you is in suffering, let him pray, and if rejoicing, let him sing songs. And if one is ill, let him call The Elders of the church, and let them pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of Our Lord. And the prayer of faith heals the one who is ill and Our Lord raises him up, and if sins were done by him, they are forgiven him. But be confessing your offenses one to another, and pray one for another to be healed, for the power of the prayer which a righteous person prays is great. James 5:13-16

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But what about…

As you mount your rebuttals that most likely begin with something akin to, ‘Oh yeah? But what about…’ and you regurgitate some utterly unproven fallacy you, along with the rest of us, were successfully brainwashed to believe and parrot, please know that I applaud your willingness to question. Take those questions humbly, but with importunity, to God alone and honestly seek answers from Him. And ask yourself, ‘Why am I so quick to want to defend the false teachings of godless men, teachings that supplant faith in the one, true God; teachings that encourage seeking salvation and deliverance from anyone and anything but God?’ Perhaps you, too, can come to the knowledge of the TRUTH.

…you have not because you ask not. You ask and you do not receive, because you ask wickedly so that your lusts may be fed. James 4:2-3

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Current dogma:

  • Viruses and pathogens are everywhere and are out to get us, and are constantly mutating, producing deadly variants.
  • We are nothing more than vectors for disease (that may be our real purpose for living).
  • The latest disease named {insert name, here} (e.g., COVID-19) caused by the deadly new virus named {insert name, here} (e.g., SARS-CoV-2) is killing people everywhere.
  • The virus thrives in droplets (spit, snot and sweat).
  • Droplets carry the virus from person to person.
  • Edicts and mandates enforce mask-wearing, 6-foot/meter social distancing and quarantining to restrict droplet transmission.
  • The first of its kind, this new and lethal virus may or may not produce any symptoms.
  • You can only know you have the virus if you are tested using a research tool that is not a diagnostic test.
  • Testing does NOT sample virus-laden spit, snot or sweat.
  • Testing requires a sample to be taken from tissue deep in your sinus or anus (What is on the swab?).
  • Regardless of symptoms and regardless of the efficacy of the test that is not a test, if the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) manufacturing process is adjusted to produce “positive” test results, you must be quarantined.
  • Salvation may never come; if it does, it will only be through worldwide, unproven gene editing / mRNA treatment (falsely marketed as “vaccination”)… and continued testings and so-called vaccinations and mask-wearing and social distancing and quarantining…
  • … from now on. For the rest of our lives (however long or short they may be). Welcome to the new normal.
  • Trust the science.


  • God did not create us to be chronically sick and diseased, or to spend our lives battling sickness and disease.
  • God did not create us to live in a constant state of fear and dread.
  • God created us to worship and serve Him only.
  • God designed the body to heal.
  • Men cannot heal anyone. They can supply comfort, relief and even assist in the repair of injury – but the glory goes to God, not men.
  • Sickness is often consequential and may be the direct result of violation, transgression, sin.
  • Sickness may be the result of the oppression of the Devil.
  • Sickness may occur that the works of God may be seen.
  • God did not invent the healthcare system.
  • Healthcarism is a direct replacement for the intervening healing power of God.
  • Men believe in and tout science, falsely so-called, in lieu of believing and heralding the Word of the Living God.
  • COVID-19 is not about science; unless you mean the science of compliance.
  • True science concludes there is no contagious virus or pathogen and never has been.
  • There is no test for any such contagious virus or pathogen nor will there ever be one, because there is no contagious virus or pathogen.
  • If you or I are sick, I can’t catch your sickness and you can’t catch mine.
  • The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) manufacturing process is a research technology, at best… It is not a test.
  • The blood is the life.
  • Salvation comes from God alone.
  • Trust God.

As for me, I am forbidden to believe in their (false) religion, let alone participate in its rites and ceremonies. I am subject to the Living God, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, whose kingdom is not of this world.

Do not trust a prince or upon a son of man, for there is no salvation in his hand. Psalm 146:3

It is good to trust upon Lord Jehovah: better than to trust upon a prince. Psalm 118:9

…But if a man is ignorant, let him be ignorant.  1Corinthians 14:38

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