bearing CHRIST

The Church of MORH

M.O.R.H. – My Own Right Hand

Although membership in The Church of MORH does not actually require belief in God, church leaders do insist that you must believe in yourself. The central theme of church doctrine is to know that you are special and that good things await you. According to them, you must stop waiting for things to happen; stop being a victim of circumstances. You have the power to make changes. It is in your own right hand.

But what is written?

It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory… Psalm 44:3

…their right hand is a right hand of falsehood… Psalm 144:11

Sing to the LORD a new song, For He has done wonderful things. His right hand and His holy arm have gained the victory for Him. Psalm 98:1

So, how do we justify ignoring what God has said? By convincing ourselves that God always intended for us to save ourselves. We live as though God sent His only begotten Son so we could get on with our lives! The thinking goes like this:

When we are discontent or dissatisfied with what we have, and we want more, we typically find a way to get it. All that is in the world (the lust/desires of the flesh, the lust/desires of the eyes, and the boastful pride of life) beckons to us constantly to add to our lives that which we are convinced is currently missing. Appetites, cravings, longings and yearnings tempt us unceasingly to go and get more. And we are told we have the power to do so. It is in our own right hand.

If we are not feeling particularly righteous, or if we are attempting to overcome guilt through improved behavior, there are myriad chants, rituals, disciplines, fasts, cleanses, diets, relocations, makeovers and surgeries available to select from. There may actually be more self-help programs accessible online, in bookstores, or on recorded media than there are selves to help. A tenet of The Church of MORH that holds true for all members, from fledgling to ascended master narcissist, is that when you have been told how special you are all your life, but aren’t feeling all that special, you are a candidate for change. And you have the power to change. It is in your own right hand.

When the world around us appears to conflict with our view of how we want the world to be, we are told two options are available. The first option is to do nothing. However, those same folks who are vociferously identifying all the changes that need to be made in other people’s lives in order for us to finally be able to rest and live peaceful lives inform us that doing nothing is tantamount to participating in evil men’s crimes against humanity. So doing nothing does not sound like a good option. That leaves option two, which is to do something! Other people need to change and it is our job to make that happen. And we have the power to effect change. It is in our own right hand.

Instead of coming out from among them and being separate, we are often lured into believing we need to effect change from within. We convince ourselves we are fighting the good fight when we engage in meaningful debates (known anywhere else as “arguing”). We think we can win the day by protesting the behavior of the bad people, or perhaps getting them driven out of town, or opposing them in the next election. Claiming that God is on our side, instead of asking “Who is on the LORD’s side”, we fall right into the hands of the enemy.

? Did you think you were put here to right the wrongs, to clean up the mess, and to make people do the right thing?